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Listo System Essay

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Lesson 4: Case Studies
Bablu Pokharel
International American University
Sanjay Upadhyaya
December 24,

CHAPTER 7: Situational Leadership
Suki Andrews, Sales Supervisor, Listo System
Leadership style is a form of cross situational behavioral consistency. It refers to the manner in which a leader interacts with his/her subordinates. It is the ability to influence a group towards the achievement of goals. Leadership style is fixed, that it is, either relation oriented or task oriented. Situational influences thus constrain the leader who must adapt his or her style of leadership to the situation at hand. However, ...view middle of the document...

She must apply appropriate style of leadership according to the situation and hard effort to solve the problems regarding sales.
Suki’s actions that indicate task behavior
Task oriented behavior are the action involving a person’s cognitive abilities in an attempt to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and gratify the persons needs to reduce or avoid distress. The leader will often actively define the work and the roles required, put structures in place, and plan, organize, and monitor progress within the team. In this case Suki shows some of the task behavior activities like scheduling daily task, invoice procedures, assigning the complaints of customers, trying to cope with the problems and dealing with the employees. Also assigning particular task to particular employee are some of the task behavior in this case.
Level of task behavior
The level of task behavior depends on the maturity of the employees. As the maturity of the employee continues to increase to higher levels, the leader is required to place less of an emphasis on the task, but continuous to advance the relationships. At this level of maturity the employee has to demonstrate the ability to perform to organizational expectations with minimal managerial influence. In this case the employees are irresponsible towards their job and behavior which shows low maturity level which resulted to the poor performance. As suki is the supervisor of the company, she deals with the problem and tries to solve out by calling meeting, reviewing task schedule and invoice procedure. Hence in this case Suki decided to monitor the activities and customer complaints herself; she is at the position of high level of task behavior.

Actions that Indicates Relationship Behavior Style of Leadership
Relationship behavior is the extent to which the leader engages in two-way or multi way communications. It emphasizes interpersonal relations, taking a personal interest in the needs of employees and accepting individual differences among members. Suki called a meeting for the purpose to remind them about their duties and responsibilities. It helps them to change their attitude towards the work and their responsibility to company. They might understand their negligence and perform better in future. Suki shows her relationship action by concerning about customer’s dissatisfaction towards the invoice orders. She promptly takes her action immediately for solving their complaints regarding invoice orders. Another task done by her that indicates relationship behavior is that she discussed with her sales representative about the problems they were occurring and helps them to provide guidance and necessary direction.
Level of relationship Behavior
In this case Suki has high level of the relationship behavior. As suki...

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