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List Down 8 Misleading Images Of Sociology From The Article: Sociology As An Individual Pastime By Peter Berger

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8 Misleading images of Sociology as depicted in Peter Berger's article:1.Sociologists are social workers; they are seen as professionals helping out people in the community.•This is an inaccurate image of sociologists as sociological knowledge can be useful to people of varying professions and anyone concerned with action in the society.•These actions however, are not specifically humanitarian. They are not related to the character of the information itself.2.Sociologists are perceived as theoretician for social work.•In actuality, social work is more influenced by psychology then sociology when developing its “theory”.•There is a major difference between sociology and social work. Social work is a certain practice in the society ...view middle of the document...

4.Sociologists are social reformers. They play the role of arbiter of all branches of knowledge for the welfare of men. They are also expected to come up with blueprints for reform on any number of social issues.•In the real world, sociologists may be engaged to give advice on social conditions. However, it is not part of their job scope to actually carry out reforms to change these social conditions.•This misleading image is similar to that of sociologists who are seen as social workers.5.Sociologists are gatherer of statistics about human behavior.•Sociological research is being mistaken for para-sociological work which deals with getting public opinions and market trends.•Sociologists gather statistical data that are relevant to their theoretical frame of reference and are used in sociological interpretation.6.Sociologists are scientists, whose main concern is to develop scientific methodologies which can then be imposed on human phenomena.•To develop scientific rules of evidence, sociologists require methodological problems to deliberate upon.• Methodology is a necessary and valid part of the sociological enterprise.7.Sociologists are perceived as a certain kind of person; a detached, sardonic observer, and a cold manipulator of men.•It represents an ironic triumph of their efforts to be accepted as a true scientist.•This image is held by those who are concerned about the misuse of sociology in modern societies, mainly due to political reasons.8.Sociologists are seen as historians.•When sociologists change their focus from the present to the past, their roles are indistinguishable from those of the historians.•Sociological research may be impoverished if historical data is not included.

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