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Lipton Assignment

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Yellow Label Tea
Lipton was created by Sir Thomas Lipton at the end of 19th century. Under the slogan “direct from the tea gardens to the tea pot,” the Lipton business was acquired by consumer goods company Unilever in a number of separate transactions, starting with the purchase of the US and d Canadian Lipton business in 1938 and completed in 1972 when Unilever bought the reminder of the global Lipton business.

Lipton is one of the world’s greatest refreshment brands. It’s the world’s best-selling tea brand, has been established for more than 100 years, and is available in more than 100 countries.
Sir Thomas Lipton

Did you know that globally?
* 1649 cups of Lipton Tea ...view middle of the document...

Lipton has the standard size and all kind of people buy that product because of their good quality.
Price Reduction
Pack size | Price |
Lipton 95 grams | 65 |
Lipton 190 grams | 124 |
Lipton 380 grams | 230 |
Lipton 450 grams | 295 |
Lipton 475 grams | 385 |
Lipton 950 grams | 565 |
Lipton tea bags 50 | 131 |
Lipton tea bags 100 | 225 |

Lipton yellow label has a distribution network spread across in Pakistan. The popularity of the brand is so much making it the no 1 national tea in Pakistan.
Lipton yellow label caters to its customer by providing the Lipton yellow label tea to 150000 outlets in Pakistan, which includes superstores, general stores, and grocery stores and discount stores.
Lipton has its headquarters in Karachi and 650 distributions in Pakistan.

Promotion style:
Tea manufacturers are using both the ATL and BTL for the purpose of promotion.
* Advertisement: It has the unique advertisement through which people get inspire and innovative.
* Personal selling: Their employers come to different places like universities, schools, parks and societies to promote their brand and let them aware about the product.
* Sales promotion: They have different sales promotion strategies like 10 % more or buy one get 1 free and they have different kind of goods with the logo of Lipton which attracts the people to buy this product.

Public relation:
Lipton Tea asks young consumers to rethink the Drink.
Lipton came to Ogilvy PR with a very clear challenge—to make Lipton Tea hot with tea’s cool crowd of younger consumers. They wanted PR to play a part in its overall brand transformation to make the brand relevant - both in terms of the changing nutrition landscape, as well as ‘steeping’ the brand in pop culture.
Positioning of Lipton:
Lipton tea has been positioned in the market as “great things and good for [consumer] because It is rich in protective antioxidants” (Unilever 2007). It is globally promoted as the perfect drink for active, health lifestyle”. This brand meets people's expectation like nutrition, hygiene with taste. Also, with high market share in Pakistan market i.e.; 43% of the whole market they are improving quality and also offer different taste to capture other market as well.

Target Marketing:
In Pakistan they focus more on urban areas (offices, hotels, restaurants, café and banks) where people prefer light tea.

Segmentation Variables | Selected |
Geographical segmentation |
Worldwide | Asia |
Country | Pakistan |
Cities | All major cities |
Density of area ...

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