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Linux Server Apps In Corporate Business Ops

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The use of Linux Server in the business arena has shown new life, due to the scalability and stability of the system and the support it has for other operations as well as the stability of the system and can breathe new life to old systems that no longer are functioning properly with Window applications. Another benefit of Linux is that it is open source and gives each business has the ability to structure or tailor the code to their specific applications. Linux also is not weighted down with license fees or restrictions. Linux overall is a system that is community supported and based not corporation based, which makes the help and support easier to obtain in a matter of minutes and not ...view middle of the document...

Linux security offers one of the best and strongest security strong points when referring to operating systems. When a point of attack has been identified, the fix can either be done by the corporation or someone in the Linux community has devised a fix in hours, and not days.
With the advent of “Smartphones” and the uptick in use for personal use and web browsing, Linux based systems are more easily integrated into this environment. With more and newer applications being devised, mostly built on a Unix/Linux base, a Linux server base would ensure that all services will be able to adapt and easily use the databases that are being supplied from the Linux data code.
For companies that are dreading the advent of hardware upgrade, Linux based software gives them the grace period to replace old outdated hardware. The reason being is that Linux can run on most all 32bit and 64bit systems, some 5-15 years old, and still offer the reliability of new systems. As stated before, Linux can stay up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with little or no slow...

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