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Linux Research Paper

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NT1430 Linux Networking Research Paper
Nicholas Lorick
ITT Technical Institute St. Petersburg Campus

NT1430 Linux Networking Research Paper
All people in the IT field are familiar with the IPv4 protocol and they are quickly becoming familiar with the IPv6 protocol. Bradley (2012) states the following:
Since the beginning of the internet, IPv4 has been synonymous with IP and few people ever stopped to think about which version of the protocol it was. But IPv4 has outlived its usefulness. Its successor, IPv6, after nearly two decades of development is finally ready to replace IPv4 as the backbone of the Internet. (p. 34)
With all the new technology and devices now accessing the ...view middle of the document...

IPv6 devices are built using a process called dual stack that permits IPv6 and IPv4 to run simultaneously alongside each other. (p. 34)
DHCP servers in Linux can be configured to use IPv6. A bulleted point in the Sobell (2012) Linux text reveals the following:
IPv6 enables stateless address autoconfiguration. With IPv4, DHCP (page 489) is usually used to automate network configuration. With IPv6, autoconfiguration makes it possible for hosts to configure their IP addresses automatically and autonomously without the need for a central service like DHCP. (p. 373)
A completely new implementation of DHCP that covers IPv6 is DHCPv6. Autoconfiguration works in most situations. But, Network Administrations who choose to have more control over their networks might us DHCPv6. It gives the Administrator the ability to specify certain host addresses that can persist even if the host or network interface has to be replaced. Autoconfigured addresses depend on the interface hardware address. (Sobell, 2012, 376)
According to Sobell (2012), this also allows configuration of other operational parameters, such as local DNS resolver addresses, which are not well supported with autoconfiguration. This feature is important on networks that run IPv6 only.
DHCPv6 also introduces the notion of a stateless mode, which is a way to enjoy the simplicity of autoconfiguration using router advertisements while also allowing the Administrator to manage static configuration elements (e.g., DNS resolver addresses) using a very simple DHCP configuration that is easily made fault tolerant. (Sobell, 2012, p. 376)
I have included a sample configuration of a Linux DHCP server and have included explanations of the sample. According to Harrison (“Quick how to:,” n.d.), You can define your server configuration parameters in the dhcpd.conf file which may be located in the /etc the /etc/dhcpd or /etc/dhcp3 directories depending on your version of Linux. Note: The skeleton dhcp.conf file that is created when you install the package may vary in its completeness. In Ubuntu / Debian, the skeleton dhcpd.conf file is extensive with most of the commands deactivated with a # sign at the beginning. In Fedora / RedHat / CentOS an extensive sample is also created with activated commands. It is found in the following location which you...

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