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Links Between Environmental Degradation And Conflict

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Links between environmental degradation and conflict
Sarah Meston
Sheridan College

Certain scholars are correct to argue that there is a link between environmental degradation and conflict for the following reasons droughts, the melting of the arctic and Migration which social security. The melting of the arctic could lead to upcoming tensions about formerly not accessible resources so it remains unclear who has the right to use these resources. Droughts cause environmental scarcity which causes conflict through competition for scarce natural resources. A real world example would be the environmental degradation of Kenya. The main parts of environmental degradation in Kenya are ...view middle of the document...

The mosquito parasitism on the Thick-billed Murres has become more extreme. It upsets the birds primarily in hot weather, when some adult birds expire from a mixture of dehydration and heat stress and then provoked by mosquito bites. Regardless of daily temperatures, mortality occurs only when mosquitoes attack the birds in big numbers and it only occurs at breeding areas. Therefore this mortality is openly a factor to greater mosquito parasitism. Moreover, when mosquito parasitism is intense, many birds leave the cliffs before they succumb, exposing their eggs to predation by gulls.
Leggewie, C., & Welzer, H. (2010, May 1). Another “Great Transformation”? Social and cultural consequences of climate change. Journal Of Renewable & Sustainable Energy, 2(3), 031009.,doi:10.1063/1.3384314
One of the concerns of climate change is large-scale migration. However people do not move because of climate change but because its hard to find work, because they need to flee political persecution, because of war, and because of a lack of natural resources that means the food supply is at risk. Migration constitutes a potential for violence may lead to new conflicts that will also be touched by the rich countries, either directly or indirectly. Climate change is a main issue for global mobility and global security. Climate warming devastates existing differences at an international and national level, between the center and the periphery or between developed and less developed areas. Desertification or other problems with natural resources may lead to intense conflicts such as in Darfur/Sudan resulting in migration and border conflicts. Second, the number of conflicts over human resources such as water and food may rise significantly in the future. Third, the melting of the Arctic icecap could lead to upcoming tensions about previously inaccessible resources as it remains unclear who has the right to exploit these resources. Lastly, the growing competition for resources and their decreasing supply may weaken international commodity markets and supply infrastructures. Climate change rocks the very...

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