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Linking Words Essay

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1.33 Cohesion: linking words and phrases

You can use words or short phrases which help to guide your reader through your writing, and to link sentences, paragraphs and sections both forwards and backwards. Good use will make what you have written easy to follow; bad use might mean your style is disjointed, probably with too many short sentences, and consequently difficult to follow. Your mark could be affected either way.

The best way to "get a feel" for these words is through your reading. Most textbooks and articles are well-written and will probably include a lot of these cohesive devices. Note how they are used and try to emulate what you have read. Do make sure though that you ...view middle of the document...

.. but also |thus |rather |
|Similarity |hence |to put it more simply |
|equally |for this/that reason |Expressing an alternative |
|likewise |so that |alternatively |
|similarly |in that case |rather |
|correspondingly |under these circumstances |on the other hand |
|in the same way |Deduction |the alternative is |
|Transition to new point |then |another possibility would be |
|now, |in other words |Contrast |
|as far as x is concerned |in that case |instead |
|with regard/reference to |otherwise |conversely |
|as for ... |this implies that ... |on the contrary |
|it follows that |if so/not |in contrast |
|turning to |Stating the obvious |in comparison |
|Summary |obviously |Concession (sth unexpected) |
|in conclusion |clearly |however |
|to conclude |naturally |even though |
|in brief |of course |however much |
|to summarise |as can be expected |nevertheless |
|overall |surely |still ...

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