Linking Customers With Brand And Creating Unforgettable Emotions Has Got The Direct Impact On Customer Buying Behavior

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Topic: „Linking customers with brand and creating unforgettable emotions has got the direct impact on customer buying behavior.”

First of all I would like to briefly touch the very important subject of understanding branding in past. The main concern of brand development had a tremendous shift in the last decade. Originally role of brands, as understood, were subject to constant ongoing redefinition. A traditional description of a brand was: the name, either connected with or mentioning one or more items in the product line. The definition of a brand according to American Marketing Association is a name, symbol, sign, term, design or logo or a mix of all. Those key points are intended to ...view middle of the document...

One strategy to follow it is to use alternative media in addition to advertising methods.
When brand awareness has been built we have to focus on guiding customers into emotional connection with a brand. It is belief that when customers buy products or services, they expect quality delivered with good service at a reasonable price. The commoditization of purchase decisions means that the key differentiator is no longer price or product. The real difference in customer behavior and company’s profitability comes from customers who are both rationally satisfied and emotionally connected to your brand. It is statistically proven that only around 1/3 of our decisions have rational background and the rest (consumer loyalty and spending decisions) is connected with emotional factors. This emotional connection is what customer engagement is all about.

This engagement concept is based on the emotional attachment between the customer and the brand that develops over periods of time. The more frequently and consistently a brand can connect with a customer on an emotional level, the stronger and deeper the customer becomes engaged with the brand. Marketers try their best to deliver memorable moments in order to engage with customer’s emotions. While these moments have potential to make long-lasting impression on a customer sometimes those smaller ones get brand to thrive. They can be found in day by day interactions between the customer and brand. It actually does not matter whether big or small, the point is that these moments have to be priceless and...

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