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Linguistics Essay

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Take Home Mid-Term 1. A) Before one can start to answer the question proposed one has to explain that there are totally different grammatical settings that one can show or present for many words in many languages. In order to see or understand the way that Safire presents to us the word enjoy is different to every single person. As Pinker clearly illustrates ? Each persons brain contains a lexicon of words and the concepts they stand for ( a mental dictionary ) and a set of rules that combine the words o convey relationships among concepts ( Mental Grammar )?( Page 76 ). This tells us that systematically our brains work differently to achieve the same or sometimes different interpretation of ...view middle of the document...

A) Again I believe that this is another example of how a different brain reacts or learns from what knowledge it has. None is another word that has many meanings and although it is very used it is only used in certain cases and in very different contexts. In al the ones we see in Kilpatricks interesting article they all have different meanings, the fact is that they all in different retrospect's make our minds understand what that sentence is trying to say even though it is not the same actual meaning of the word ? None ?.From the fist example that Kilpatrick presents us of ? none ? is clear that the none is referring to the children. It reads and should be understood as if none of the injuries should be the thing that the mind should be reacting to but it seems as if the sentence is separated by the coma and therefore is referring to the injuries but actually it is not. The second sentence that none is used is when The New York Times printed ? None of those crashes have involved United States airlines ?. In this sentence is extremely hard to comprehend how a word like none is used in a plural type of way. This none is referring to both the actual crashes and the USA airlines. The final sentence that again clearly shows that there are many different interpretations of the same word is the one in an unidentified newspaper. ? None of Gore?s individual exaggerations matters greatly ?. In this complicated sentence one sees how Gore?s exaggerations are both plural and individual. Hard to understand that a word can provide both meanings in today's society. The problem is that the mind that most of us have developed has allowed us to both understand and comprehend the sentence that is being said since in this fast moving and interactive...

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