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Limitation On Cmmi And Psp Essay

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An Overview of CMMI and PSP:


The CMMI is the successor of the CMM model. The Capability Maturity Model Integration for Software provides software organizations with guidance on how to gain control of their processes for developing and maintaining software and how to evolve toward a culture of software engineering and management excellence. The CMMI was designed to guide software organizations in selecting process improvement strategies by determining current process maturity and identifying the few issues most critical to software quality and process improvement. By focusing on a limited set of activities and working aggressively to achieve them, an organization can steadily ...view middle of the document...

❖ CMMI does not tell us how to achieve the goals. It describes that in an organization what are the essential attributes of a software process that are normally expected but it does not describe how a software process should be implemented by an organization to gain higher maturity level. So it can long time for an organization to even move from Level 1 to Level 2.
❖ The CMMI ignores the importance of people involved with the software process. Selecting, hiring, developing and retaining competent people are significant issues for an organizations at all levels of maturity, but they are largely outside the scope of the CMM.
❖ CMM does not describe all the process areas in detail that are involved with developing and maintaining software. It describes certain key practices for some process areas. The key practices of process areas describe what is do be done for achieving specific goal but they don’t describe how the goal will be achieved.
❖ CMM does not address expertise in particular application domain...

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