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Lifestyle Inventory Essay

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Life Style Inventory (LSI)
Personal Thinking Style
MGMT591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Professor; Michael Carr

Primary and Backup Thinking Styles
​My primary personal thinking style is the Achievement Style, which is one of the constructive styles. Constructive Styles pertain to self-enhancing behaviors in ways of thinking, which determine a person’s level of satisfaction. These styles also pertain to the capability of effectively working with people, building healthy relationships, and being proficient at the accomplishment of tasks.
​In particular, the Achievement Style of thinking pertains to the ability and the desire to ...view middle of the document...

​The Conventional thinking style is my backup thinking style. This is one of the Passive/Defensive styles, which pertain to self-promoting behaviors and ways of thinking. These are used for maintainng one’s position or status and for fulfilling one’s security needs through task-related activities. In particular, the Conventional Style is characterized by a greater importance being accorded to rules over ideas and by adherence to practices and policies, as well as by reliability and steadiness.
​The Conventional Style has manifested in my life in that I am a stickler for rules. For example, I make sure that I follow the rules and regulations at work and strictly adhere to the instructions for school requirements. My superiors have commended me for being reliable at work where I complete and correct not only my own tasks but even the tasks of my colleagues.

Limiting Thinking Style
​My limiting thinking style is the Avoidance Style, which is also one of the Passive/Defensive Styles. This style is characterized by being non-committal, being indecisive, and avoiding conflict, as well as by lying low when things get tough. It’s not that I’m always reluctant to try new things, but I often do not try things when the risk is high. I also find it quite difficult to make decisions when faced with something complicated or complex. An example of it is when I have difficulty deciding what to do when a professor gives conflicting instructions for a school assignment.
In addition, I fear failure and feel guilty for the mistakes I have made or might make. I also listen to other people’s advice that is given which I value relationships a lot. I always strive to please the people who are important to me, such as my family and my superiors.

Impact on Management Style
​Given that the Achievement Style is my main style, I believe that as a manager, I would be one who would greatly advocate for planning. I won’t allow my subordinates to get any surprises so I would be prepared in advance. I will make sure that goals and objectives are set and that these are properly communicated to my subordinates.
​In my personal work style, the importance towards planning is evident in the way I plan and organize my work at the beginning of each day. I believe that this habit will be carried through whether I’m just planning for my own work or for the work of others as well.
​With regards to organizing, I like being organized with my work and would expect the same of my subordinates. On the other hand, though, given the way I value relationships, I believe I would be the type of manager who would distribute authority among my subordinates. I would do this through the delegation of tasks and by making sure that the authorities granted is bound by clear guidelines.
​In addition, I believe that my style for leading would be highly reflective of my Achievement Style in that I would expect goals and objectives to be met and for my subordinates to perform as expected or...

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