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Lifestyle Components Essay

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Principles of Marketing
Jared A. Cook
Professor Ashby Brame
Component Lifestyles
What are my component lifestyles, you ask? What exactly is a component lifestyle? What do I like or what am I interested in? What makes me tick, per say? I guess at this point in my life I can narrow it down to three things, besides being in school full time. Those three components happen to be Caffeine, Cars, and Music. Why these three? Well, caffeine helps me cope with something called the morning, cars are fun and very fast sometimes, and music is just awesome. I’m writing this paper to describe why I like these things and how they are marketed to me. Oh, and thanks for taking interest ...view middle of the document...

This brings me to my next point: Place.
Much of Starbucks’ success is the Café itself. It is the experience you get when you walk in the doors. It’s that smell and the familiar sound of drinks being called out immediately after they’ve been hand crafted just for you. A familiar sight is the “Coffee wall” as we call it, which is literally a wall of bagged coffee. There are three types, Blonde, Medium, and Dark, and each in their own individual one pound bags. The coffee can be found not just in bags, but in K-Cup pods, and bottled drinks as well. The coffee is sold elsewhere too. It can be found in grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, the internet, and anywhere else you may expect or not expect coffee to be sold. So why is Starbucks so popular? Because it is well promoted perhaps?
Starbucks promotes itself and brand through commercials, internet ads, and through something that was probably never intended to be used as a promotional item: the cup. Nearly everyone recognizes the long haired, two tailed, crowned, and green and white Siren that is the Starbucks logo. If you order Starbucks then your drink will come in a white paper cup with that huge green logo right on it for everyone to see. What a great strategy that is. There is one issue that may keep people from buying Starbucks though. That is price.
Price is unfortunately a big issue for some people. I have heard the company referred to as “Fourbucks” because a grande latte costs like four bucks. Enter into any specialty coffee shop and you will find that our prices do not differ that much from the norm. A grande, aka medium, brewed coffee is about $2.00 and expect to pay that at any other café you may find yourself in. The thing is though, that Starbucks is great to the farmers that grow its coffees and its many in house employees, know as baristas. We get paid well and the benefits of working for the company are endless. So for now, I am sticking with Starbucks and will continue daily to drink and promote its awesomeness.
As I mentioned I work for Starbucks, but I live on campus and it is twenty minutes away. So how am I able to get there? With a car, and that car happens to be a hot hatch. I drive a British built, 2004 Honda Civic Si, with incredibly tight double wishbone suspension, extremely comfortable Recaro racing bucket seats, and a very peppy 2.0 litre I-Vtec engine. As you can tell I am a bit of a car guy, or even more so a car fanatic.
But why cars, you ask? They are more than just a mode of transportation for me. They are a means of escape. Many people see cars as just a way to get from point A to point B, but there is so much more than that to cars. Most vehicles offered today come with a huge array of custom options including paint color, interior material, engine sizes, wheels styles, and so on. You can literally have any car and do whatever with it that you can imagine. There are so many to choose from. Where to start?
Traditionally the place most...

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