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Lifespan Development And Personality Paper

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Lifespan Development and Personality Paper
David Trejo
June 13, 2011
Sandy Collins

Lifespan Development and Personality Paper
An organized study of life’s different cycle phases of human beings is what developmental psychology sets out to accomplish. The psychological development of humans is also described through developmental psychology. Lifespan development study of humans involves psychological, behavior, and genetic alterations from birth to the end of one’s life. How one progresses through life is mainly influenced by environmental and hereditary (nature and nurture) factors that involve ...view middle of the document...

Genes dictate one’s physical features, based on the child’s parents and ancestors. Developed throughout the childhood years, the weight and height of the child will be based on the genes inherited from his or her parents. As an example, if the parents are tall in size, the likelihood of the child growing up to be tall is greater. Some genetic disorders, like diabetes, are likely to be passed onto the child (Karpov, 2005). One’s environment is another factor that will determine how a child’s physical and emotional development evolves. One’s environment can be further divided into internal and external. For example, external environment for a child can be involving the child in outdoor activities, such as soccer, basketball, and riding a bicycle. Outdoor activities will fine-tune a child’s motor skills. It is also during the childhood years that children learn muscular activities like how to use crayons and pencils. Internal environment refers to what occurs within a family’s environment, for example within one’s house. Nutrition refers to how and what a child eats. Nutrition is also an important factor in childhood years for proper physical development. A nutritional, balanced diet during childhood years will definitely enhance the child’s physical fitness. Malnutrition can hinder the growth of a child in many ways. For example, a diet consisting primarily of junk-fatty food will normally have an effect on a child of obesity. Obesity can lead to many ailments, including diabetes, high-blood pressure, and heart problems (Shonkoff & Phillips, 2000). 
Cognitive Development
During childhood years, the cognitive development phase consists of idea learning, decision-making, problem-solving, remembering, and understanding thoughts derived from past experiences. It is during the childhood years that one develops how to interact and understand other people and how to interact with one’s external environment (Sternberg & Grigorenko, 2001). Factors that affect cognitive development during childhood years are language learning approach, intelligence, and idea learning and understanding.
Language learning approach is a language learning capacity that is genetically inherited. The environment will also affect language learning, based on different value systems and culture Intelligence is in respect to mental stimulus. Mental stimulus differs from one person to another. Intelligence has many levels among humans and also can be influenced by the parents’ mental abilities. Mental abnormalities also can be hereditary, and can impact a child’s mental development.
Idea learning and understanding as explained by Piaget is the cognitive development of a human being during childhood years takes effect in a well-defined manner and through the different stages of learning. Children during the childhood years have different learning patterns and differ in learning speed and level and capability of...

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