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Lifespan Essay

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Motor development and language acquisitions contribute to the development of attachment and are very crucial to an infant undergoing human development. Attachment grows throughout infancy because their learning from our environment and it builds by adapting to environment language skills are not as advanced but continual practice with the caregiver is crucial because it advances an infants trust. In the documentary Charles Nelson proves early experiences influences the source of human development and attachment, he finds that language is not only limited to words, faces play an extreme role in communication. An Astounding fact that a infant can recognize their mother by her facial arts even ...view middle of the document...

In the documentary Niley was blocked of certain light and exposure to one eye causing an immediate cataract if not operated on immediately by a doctor she would have been disabled in one eye for the rest of her life. Also if expression through a face is not fluctuated an infant will have social disorders and even autism like symptoms, children with autism are not good with recognizing faces generally or at recognizing facial emotion; if a child cannot read a face trust is deprived .Charles Nelson has worked with children in orphanages in Romania that hardly see faces because there are no caregivers in the first year of life they are lying on their backs in cribs staring at the ceiling, face processing has been derailed because they don’t have normal input.
A major component of emotional and psychosocial development is attachment. Children who have experienced neglect have been found to demonstrate higher frequencies of insecure, anxious, and avoidant attachments with their primary caregivers than non maltreated children. In fact, studies have demonstrated that 70 to 100 percent of maltreated infants form insecure attachments with their caregivers. Often, emotionally neglected children have learned from their relationships with their primary caregivers...

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