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Lifebouy “Swastya Chetna” (A Brief Analysis)

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Lifebouy “Swastya Chetna” (A Brief Analysis)

Honours for Lifebuoy’s Swasthya Chetna programme
Lifebuoy is the first brand to ever be honored by the Indian postal department with a special Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna postal cover, released to mark World Health Day on 7 April 2006 by the Indian postal department which released a special Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna postal cover.
About Lifebouy
In 1930’s Uniliver started the “Clean Hands help guard Health” campaign in US to encourage consumers to make their hands germ-free by using lifebuoy. Ever since its launch it had strong association with well-being and health. The soap was a carbolic soap and was quite popular till the early 1990’s. ...view middle of the document...

In 2006, the programme is being extended to an additional 10,000 villages.

1. Do you think that LSC Program met a reasonable success? If yes, what led to change in the behavior of the target group?

Yes, I think that LSC Program met a reasonable success. Lifebuoy's “Swasthya Chetna” (LSC) was a five-year health and hygiene education program initiated by Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL), the Indian arm of the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) major, Unilever. The program spread awareness about germs and their adverse effects on health, and how proper 'health and hygiene’ practices, such as bathing and washing hands with soap could prevent diseases like diarrhea. HLL sought to grow the Lifebuoy brand in India by attracting those consumers who never used soap.  In the process, the company sought to bring about a behavioral change by convincing people to use soaps more frequently, thus creating more users for its brand.

In India, around 600,000 children die every year on account of diarrhea. Diseases like diarrhea also lead to loss of workdays that directly affect labor productivity in rural India. However diarrhea can be prevented by adapting to practices like washing hands regularly. In this program HLL tried to make people understand the difference between visibly clean and being actually clean.

LSC targeted rural people and encouraged them to practiced good personnel hygiene. Key communication was the presence of germs and how they are responsible for causing diseases. LSC was launched as a multiphase interactive program. The LSC team consisting of HDF and HDA covered about 24 villages in a month. The primary audience was children. They targeted children as they were the most influential candidates within a family is what a HLL thought of. Father they also met health workers and schoolteachers. In second phase they got badge and certificates which father encouraged students for going for the same. In3rd Phase they...

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