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Life Work Imbalance/ Flexible Work Schedules Essay

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Life-Work Imbalance/ Flexible Work Schedules
Barbara Hagan
DeVry University

Life-Work Imbalance/ Flexible Work Schedules
Jessica a married woman with two small children starts her day off with a crying baby and winey demands from a three year old. She continues on with fulfilling their needs as she tries to get dressed for work and maybe spend a few minutes with her husband before he’s out the door and she’s left to get the boys ready for daycare. Everyone’s loaded and ready to go but Jessica forgot she needs to stop and get gas. Now running late she drops the kids off and is finally on her way to a long day in the office. Arriving only a few minutes late has her left with a bit of ...view middle of the document...

A great example is provided by Stacy Crinks (2014) as she blogs about her successful virtual marketing communications agency. Her staff is spoiled in selfishness as they work whenever they want, and from home or any place they can possibly desire. This flexibility has kept the entire staff happy. In return they conduct outstanding work and cheerful client service. When work performance is improved clients are left extremely happy. Crinks claims that this selfishness is her company’s best friend. She says, “We bring it out into the light, put a sparkly tiara on it, and call it the best thing that has ever happened to our clients (and us).”
Of course all companies can’t offer the luxury of working from home, and meeting deadlines, maintaining payroll and staff may seem impossible if everyone only works when they want to, but flexible work schedules can have many different features. A company doesn’t necessarily have to apply complete flexibility to maintain the desired outcome. For instance, Lego Systems offers a start time anywhere between 7:30 and 9a.m. They also allow employees to put in full time hours within a shorter work week. Marriott International has flex coupons which permits workers to take paid time off in short increments rather than waste an entire vacation day. Pharmaceutical Giant Merck offers nine hour days Monday through Thursday and leave at noon on Friday (Pofeldt, 2011). All different types of flexibility seem to be successful and help maintain happiness of employees.
On the other hand, when one is working a strict schedule job often times they start to feel warn down, bored and unappreciated. This can effect work productivity in many ways but may also hurt life situations and even cause depression. My schedule at work is not designed in my favor and this has a major effect on my life and thoughts. Like Jessica I am also a Mother and although my children are not as small as hers, I am trying to put myself through school and my inconsistent schedule with work is the biggest challenge I face. I miss time with my family- LOTS of time with my family and I continuously feel stressed about completing all my responsibilities on time. I feel like a maniac trying to do a million things at once.
But “Everyone with a job knows how stressful it can be when personal priorities clash with work schedules. The conflict could involve a continuous medical concern, taking care of children or aging parents, getting enough exercise or running errands. A too strict schedule combined with too many demands can cause workers to feel that they have let down their companies, their families, and themselves (Korkki, 2014).” This is certainly a feeling I understand. The battle is heartbreaking between my work, school, and family. If I’m not cutting time at work then I’m cutting time somewhere else. Often times I find myself trying to work less hours but that doesn’t really help when it comes to paying the bills. Nor does it leave me sitting well with...

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