Life Through A Lens: A Look Into The Passion Of Photography

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Life Through a Lens: A look into the passion of Photography

People always say that a photograph lasts a lifetime. Being able to look at a photograph many years down the road and realizing that you captured that one moment, that frozen moment in time when you captured that memory, is the best feeling alone. When I hear the word “Tunnel Vision”, I picture myself looking through my camera, through that tunnel, meeting the lens, and snapping the shutter closed. There are many reasons why becoming a photographer has many benefits and simple pleasures in life.
I began my photography journey by picking up a camera and not knowing a single thing about how to turn it on. When our first child was ...view middle of the document...

So if the image is no good, you can catch that immediately and take another photo on the spot. Most media cards these days have large space so you can also afford to take more shots of the same thing. There is no economic reason not to take several shots of the same thing if you are using a digital camera. In the past, with film & developing - this would have been very expensive. Now that we have digital cameras, it’s just a simple click of the button to preview your image.
Another reason I enjoy photography is it teaches me patience for everyday life and the things that are thrown at me. Finding that perfect location for a photograph can sometimes be challenging. In my mind, it may have sounded like the perfect location, but once I arrive, it may not be. I simply have to look at them as trial runs, and hope for a better outcome next time.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in life and let it pass you by. Photography for me is an escape; a place to unlock my creativity and be me. The different techniques of a camera alone can produce...

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