Life Styles Inventory Paper

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Life Styles Inventory Paper
DeVry College of New York
Leadership & Organizational Behavior

This paper contains detailed analysis of my primary, back up and limiting thinking styles depicted from Life Styles Inventory survey results and how I manifest these thinking styles in my personal and professional life is in the first part. This paper also contains the impact of my personal style on management style, assess the impact on my effectiveness as a manager in terms of the four functions of management in the second part. Genesis of personal style, how I developed these styles as revealed by the Life Style Inventory survey is included in the third part. The paper will ...view middle of the document...

I was responsible to lead my team for timely submission of the project, quality of content and presentation. It was the first time we were making a group project and all of us were new to the system. I was under huge pressure from my fellow team mates to copy the idea, content and presentation from the internet so that we can finish the project on time. Indian education system is free and it is a general practice for students to copy the content without proper acknowledgement. Since I was guided to follow the righteousness from childhood I decided that project should be built from scratch and presented on time. I made all my team members to follow the rules and practices without fail for successful completion of project. By end of course all my team mates are well versed with the details and we have successfully submitted the project. To all of our surprise we were awarded as the best project in the batch. I believe that since we followed ethics, rules and principles it was reflected in the work that we have delivered. I believe that my “Conventional” thinking style had helped my team to gain huge success and with this experience “Conventional” thinking had deeply rooted in my heart.
My “Self-Actualization” personal style is another style which I agree with. Persons coming under this personality style possess Self-respect, Self-realization, Receptive, Simplicity, Emphasis Equality, Creativity, Pursue of knowledge and desire to give for the society. I can correlate many instance from childhood which are self-actualization in nature. I want to bring an example from childhood through which I can explain this behavior. During my school days few of my friends used to insult my classmate regarding his poverty and his inability to buy new school notes. Deeply moved by this incident I went back home convinced my grandfather to purchase a new school notes so that I can give it to my classmate. Next day I had handover that book to my classmate, fought with my friends who teased him and made them to tell sorry for their act. This justifies “Emphasis equality” characteristic of “Self-Actualization.”
According to the results my limiting style is “Oppositional” which I also accept with. Oppositional metric measures the quality of opposing changes, looking for mistakes, ignoring new ideas etc. Low “Oppositional” score means that the person approves changes, forgives mistakes and accept others ideas. Based on the results my score is 34th percentile which shows that I tend not to oppose things. In my view low score in this metric is actually a good trait and I am sure that this is not limiting thinking style. As a team member it is very important to hear to others, accept changes and forgive mistakes. Being low oppositional improves our prospect of acceptability, team spirit and reliability. For example during my work days, I was part of IT Performance and Capacity management team where we used to maintain a huge database of records. One fine day my team...

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