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Life Orientation Presentation Essay

1224 words - 5 pages


Job advertisement from the newspaper

1) The post for application

2) Posts level

3) Qualifications

4) Salary

5) Key responsibilities

6) Contact person

7) Closing date

|Accountant ( Premium1500 AD ) |
|0118078064 |
|Johannesburg  ...view middle of the document...

Com Honours Accounting | |
|Must have SAP experience | |
|Must be willing to travel locally. | |
| | |
|Duties and Responsibilities: | |
|Monthly Reporting | |
|Management Reports | |
|Forecasting | |
|Recons | |
| | |
|Contact: | |
|Interested candidates can forward their comprehensive written applications to the following e-mail: | |
| or fax to: 086 556 2702. Correspondence will only be conducted with short listed | |
|candidates. Should you not hear from us within 2 weeks after the closing date, please consider your application | |
|unsuccessful. | |
|Modified on: 2010-08-11 11:42:04 | |
| | |
|Ad remains until 2010-09-11 11:42:04 | |
| ...

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