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Life Of Pi Essay

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To quote Pi Patel, "I will not die. I refuse it. I will make it through this nightmare", cites that when Pi is on the verge of giving up his inner monologue fuels his determination to live. The general argument made by Mr. Yann Martel in his work "Life of Pi" is that determination keeps you alive. More specifically, Martel argues that determination is significant in everyone's life to overcome challenges and achieve one's goal.
Determination helps overcome one’s fear. As for Pi, fear is "life's only true opponent" that shakes your foundation which needs to be faced. Living in a lifeboat for 227 days in the middle of the ocean with a vicious Bengal tiger, one can learn to deal with fear in determination to survive. At the moment when Pi acknowledges his thirst he desperately looked for supplies in Richard Parker's den, "Thirst ...view middle of the document...

Religious faith gives strength to an individual’s determination to live. Pi was a very devout person who just loves God. Pi told his father that " I would like to be baptized and I would like a prayer rug" which means that Pi want to be a Hindu, Christian, and Muslim although he was confronted by the three wise men and his father mother that he should only practise one religion but he still do what he wants. Being stranded in the boat, Pi still maintains his religious beliefs, practised his rituals and says his prayers five times a day in morning, mid-morning, late afternoons, after sunset and at night by doing this it "brought him comfort, that is certain". At times when Pi loses hope and was ready to die, "blackness would stir and eventually go away, and God would remain, shining point of light in my heart. I would go on loving". His strong religious faith helped him to survive his ordeal believing that "Religion will save us".
Determination surmounts one's endless suffering to survive. Pi suffered from his loss of his family, it took him a while before he realizes that his family were dead then mourn about it,on the other hand Pi was also thankful that his family were dead so they won’t be able to “spared this terrible agony” that his going through. Furthermore, Pi suffered from starvation that causes him to kill sea creatures even though it was against his religious values and in his vegetarianism. He also ate some of his French brother's flesh "driven by the extremity of my need and the madness to which it pushed me" which illustrates Pi cannibalism. Pi realizes for the first time that his sufferings will always be there, but yet he has the will to live. He wants to survive. This shows his determination and ability to push through his struggles and find ways to live. Despite of Pi's "hopes for survival flickered" sometimes, he still found his strength back saying that "my will was strong. I was determined to move forward" which shows that his determination and will to live helped him survive and kept him alive during his ordeal.

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