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Life Of Hemingway Essay

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Life of Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway was an American author and journalist. His distinctive writing style, characterized by economy and understatement, influenced 20th-century fiction, as did his life of adventure .He produced most of his work between the mid-1920s and the mid-1950s. Many of his works are classics of American literature.
Early life :
Ernest Miller Hemingway was born July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois. Clarence and Grace Hemingway raised their son in this conservative suburb of Chicago, In high school, Hemingway worked on his school newspaper, Trapeze and Tabula, writing primarily about sports. After graduation, the budding journalist went to work for the Kansas City Star, gaining experience that would later influence his distinctively stripped-down prose style.
Military Experience :
In 1918, Hemingway went overseas to serve in World War I as an ambulance driver in the Italian Army. For his service, he was awarded the Italian Silver Medal of Bravery, but soon ...view middle of the document...

In Paris, Hemingway soon became a key part of what Gertrude Stein would famously call "The Lost Generation." With Stein as his mentor, Hemingway made the acquaintance of many of the great writers and artists of his generation.
In 1923, Hemingway and Hadley had a son, John Hadley Nicanor Hemingway. 1925, the couple, joining a group of British and American expatriates, took a trip to the festival that would later provided the basis of Hemingway's first novel, The Sun Also Rises. The novel is widely considered Hemingway's greatest work, in which easily seen the postwar disillusionment of his generation. Soon after the publication of The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway and Hadley divorced, due in part to his affair with a woman named Pauline ,who would become Hemingway's second wife and he started for his book of short stories Men Without Women.
Back to America :
He decided to move back to America. After the birth of their son Patrick Hemingway in 1928, they settled in Key West, Florida. During this time, Hemingway finished his World War I novel A Farewell to Arms. While reporting on the Spanish Civil War in 1937, Hemingway met a fellow war correspondent named Martha (soon to become wife number three) and gathered material for his next novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls,
World war II and Hemingway:
When the United States entered World War II in 1941, Hemingway served as a correspondent and was present at several of the war's key moments. Toward the end of the war, Hemingway met another war correspondent, Mary Welsh, whom he would later marry after divorcing Martha Gellhorn.
In 1951, Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea, which would become perhaps his most famous book, finally winning him the Pulitzer Prize .
In 1954, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Even at this peak of his literary career, though, the burly Hemingway's body and mind were beginning to betray him. Recovering from various old injuries in Cuba, Hemingway suffered from depression and was treated for numerous conditions such as high blood pressure and liver disease.
He wrote A Moveable Feast, in the memory of his years in Paris, and retired permanently to Idaho. There he continued fight with deteriorating mental and physical health. Early on the morning of July 2, 1961, Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in his Ketchum home.

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