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Life Of Butterflies Essay

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Life of Butterflies | |
9/22/2014 |

UDL Lesson Plan

Subject:Science | Grade: 2nd |
Common Core State Standard(s):Common Core State Standards2.L.1 Understand animal life cycles. 2.L.1.1 Summarize the life cycle of animals: Birth Developing into an adult Reproducing Aging and death 2.L.1.2 Compare life cycles of different animals such as, but not limited to, mealworms, ladybugs, crickets, guppies... |
Objective (*Three components are observable verb, learning outcome, and measurement. *Aligned to state standard and evidence of mastery):80 % of students will be able to identify and describe the life cycle of a butterfly.80 % of students will be able to demonstrate that the life ...view middle of the document...

“Egg” atthe top, “Larva” at the right, “Pupae” at the bottom and “Adult” at the left• Draw arrows clockwise from “Egg” to “Larva” and from “Larva” to “Pupae” and so forth• Put a dot of glue under “Egg.”• Take a pinch of couscous and drop in on the glue for the egg• Put a dot of glue next to “Larva”• Place two rotini pasta on the glue for the two larva• Put a dot of glue next to “Pupae”• Place two of the shells on the glue for the pupae• Put a dot of glue next to “Adult Butterfly”• Place the bow-tie on the glue for the adult butterfly |
UDL Technology Integration(describe one UDL component and explain how it will be integrated into the lesson):Chrome books that are similar to IPads but only have Google software will be used for this assignment. Each student will have their own so they can move at their own pace and be able to focus their own way. Whether that be with headphones, in a group, on the floor or in the hallway. Each one can choose their own comfort zone. Chrome books are small and lightwight and easy to manuever. |
Instructional Technology (describe one instructional technology device and explain how it will have class-wide incorporation into the lesson): • Visit the• View the video lesson from the thisEpisode |
Formative Assessment (Describe the closure of the lesson and the final assessment used to provide evidence that students have met the learning objectives. Be sure to provide choice related to interest and multiple, flexible means for completion that support learning preferences. Include an explicit description of the criteria for quality work):•Observe and encourage student participation in class discussion, asking and answering questions,...

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