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Life Long Learners Essay

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Life Long Learners

Throughout history, schools and the students within them have changed drastically. Now, more than ever before, one can find many students of very different ages and races with very stark differences in their ethnic and cultural beliefs. Because of such a variety of learners, it is necessary for knowledge to be colorful as well. The gaining of knowledge always follows the constructs set by those who attain it. The gaining of knowledge is neither absolute nor relative; it’s both. Every student, regardless of standing or background, is entitled to the building blocks of greater knowledge. In turn, each student is not limited to this learning foundation; ...view middle of the document...

I have learned to be both a scholar and a gregarious adult. Through public schools, I hope to reflect the skills I have gained and to pass such things on to my students. Public Schools and all their teachings are the vehicle of which I hope to be a part to pass on this knowledge. I will bring out the life long learner traits in all my students.

Because I believe in life long learning, Progressivism is a teaching technique I strongly believe in. A child should enjoy learning and should want to learn, not just absolute knowledge but relative knowledge as well. The individual should be involved in the shaping of his or her mind through books, activities, fun projects, and respect for his or her very different classmates and their ways of life. Within my classroom I plan to have a healthy balance between instruction and construction. I will emphasize the importance of structural learning, and I will also involve my students in activities to reinforce this. I will utilize all types of media such as computers, visual learning aids as well as attractive and colorful bulletin boards (pertaining to the lessons) that will interest my students as well as teach them. I will also require students to do projects that interest them but, nevertheless, also have high academic expectations. I want my students to feel they have freedom as to what relative knowledge they gain, but I also want them to realize the necessity for absolute knowledge. I plan to have a non-authoritarian, inclusive classroom where the students feel free to share their scholarly ideas and thoughts with one...

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