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Life Is Like Math Essay

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Maths is complicated and so is life.

“If people do not believe that Maths is simple , it is only because they do not realise how complicated life is “JOHN LOUIS NEUMAN.
Just like problems of Maths, we have problems in life which need to be solved. We cannot move ahead without solving or else problems become compounded and life is difficult.
To solve any problem of life or of Maths, we need to be logical and organised and use our thinking tanks.
Mathematics is a subject which remains a challenge for most students . It seems as challenging as life.
Numbers are a very important part of life.
The number zero has a very important in maths and life
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Its not her fault at all. In fact , i think it is commendable to really know how to solve even the most complicated of all problems. I always believed that to be a teacher in Maths , one really needed extra intelligence.The teacher gave us so many sums to do and sometimes it seemed that the numbers were twirling in the brain. Many hated to do all the steps and would just copy out the sums from a friend which really saved time and energy. To do 50 sums would require a lot of time but copyiong just took a few minutes and we would save our brain usage too as while copying there was no need to use brains.
One thing different about life is like the sums of maths , we cannot have fixed answers In our maths sums, we could check at the back of the book if the answers were correct but in life there is no such checking, It is left to us to choose the right answer. In maths we have several methods to arrive at the right answer , so also in life we can try out various methods to solve our problems and whatever the method or whatever the amount of time we take , it will be solved. Sometimes after a few steps, we realise that a mistake is there. All we do is go back and work out the problem again. In life also mistakes may arise, we need to redo and find a solution. Sometimes after the whole complicated sum is completed . the answer maybe wrong . We just need to cancel and redo the whole problem. We can change the method. as maybe the method we thought best may sometimes not work out well.
It is important to know basis calculations in life. Even people who are not much educated can do simple calculations. Our money is calculated using simple maths. Going shopping , one needs to keep track of the amount of money and the amount left .adding , subtracting , dividing and multiplying are not skills . they are requisites in life.
Money is the fundamental need for life and survival today. The money deposited, the amount debited, the interest rate, the insurance amount, quarterly , half yearly and annual returns, the stock market fall and rise, all circulate around the number game.
In school, most students wondered if maths chapters had applications in the real world. I remember the profit and loss and the discount sums which we calculated. We also had calculations on Simple and Compound Interest.
When i see the UPTO 50% DISCOUNT boards , it gives the idea how much profit we can make on the original price and gives us the idea of...

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