Life Goals Essay

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My Life Goals.
By Jeneva Froehlich.
Transition To College Success (STSC 0111)/Bryan Blackburn
Tues-Thurs/5:00-5:55 pm

I. Dog
A. No rules, no treat
B. Cafe or cookie?
C. My bone shaped cookies/thesis

II. Bachelors in nursing (long term)
A. Show up.
B. Finding a balance with work, school and play
C. A degree is the trophy that shows all the hard work ive put it. will show ive completed my goal.

III. Have a great season at work. (short)
A. Six flags/ chq: amazing group of people, always on toes.
B. So many different personalities, follow directions
C. Having a six flags season/aiming to get the rookie award

A. Brag into my 90's
B. Band ...view middle of the document...

I have three bone shaped cookies that I would like to obtain in my life. One, is to obtain a bachelors in nursing from Texas Christian University, the second is to have a great season at my new job, and lastly, a goal in a galaxy far far away, I would like to go to work for Doctors Without Borders. These are my cookies. They certainly may not be important to other people, but they are my goals to acheive, and mine alone.

Earning a bachelors is not easy, obtaining a bachelors from a private university is difficult, and snatching up a bachelors from a private university in nursing is living life on “Expert Level”. In a perfect world, I would say that I will obtain this by finding a balance between work, school, and play. In reality, I will achieve this by dragging myself out of bed for 8 AM classes, forcing myself to study even though its 11:00 PM and I just got home from my clinic hours, and cutting off contact from all of my friends that are tetering on the edge of alcoholism. Everyone has asked me why I've picked nursing, and my reply is that I have a need to help people and I'm a glutton for punishment. To be honest, I dont intend to stop with my bachelors. I intend to push on to a Masters and pick a specialty. Id like to not get too far ahead of myself though. Afterall, the aim is to be realistic about my goals.

Until I can begin my attempt to save the good people of metropolis with the degree that I will eventually earn, I have to get a job like everyone else. I've just started a new job at Six Flags Over Texas, in the characters department. A much less difficult aspiration is to simply have a great season at work. The people I work with are amazing, the job is never boring, and I get to spend my break times on roller coasters, instead of a stuffy break room, in which I avoid eye contact with the thing growing on the jelly doughnut that someone bit into, spat out, and left three days ago. The key points to this will be keeping my opinions to myself, surviving the high temperatures while keping my cool, and always volunteering to clean up, take an extra shift, or help out. At Six Flags, They have your typical employee...

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