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Life Doesnt Frighten Me Essay

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Lesson Plan for Third Grade "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" Curriculum Content Standards 3-001: Compare the illustrations to the words in the book Life Doesn't Frighten Me 3-002: Discuss the meaning of the symbols Jean-Michel Basquiat used in Life Doesn't Frighten Me.3-003: Discuss the importance of illustrations in story books.4-004: Create a poem with several illustrations using symbols.Visuals, Books, etc. needed: Book, Life doesn't Frighten Me, author Maya Angelou, illustrations by Jean-Michel Basquiat.Other Materials per student: Drawing paper, colored pencils, glue, writing paper Vocabulary: Illustrations, graffiti Objectives: 1. Students will write a poem about a time when they were scared.2. They will draw ...view middle of the document...

Can you tell what the symbols are suppose to represent? When you look at the illustrations in this book, what kind of feelings does it give you? Happy, sad, fear, joy...? If you look at some of the pictures Jean-Michel Basquiat did in this book, you will find that there are allot of paint that looks as if its running down the page. He did this because when he first started his artistic career he drew on buildings, this is called graffiti. He used these ideas in his artwork. Do you think its ok to draw on buildings, even if it had artistic value? Illustrations are very important in books, do you think this story would have a different meaning without the pictures? Why or why not? Production Instructions: The first step is to prepare a rough draft of a poem on a time in your life when you were scared of something. Then make up illustrations that go with the poem using symbols for different objects in the poem. Break up the poem sentence by sentence writing it on writing paper. Glue the illustrations onto the writing paper to create a book.Summary/ Evaluation: Students will sit in a circle, read and show their books. Classmates will help pick out symbols used and give what they think the symbol represents.Art History: Jean-Michel Basquiat born in 1960, he was raised in a middle class neighborhood in Brooklyn New York. Basquiat started drawing when he was just four years old. He focused on the sights and sounds of New York City, this is what inspired his art.Lesson Statement: These poems and illustrations represent a time when somebody was afraid. Each story used symbols to go with the poem.

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