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Use of haiku and mind map to reflect on the lifespan development

This learning journal is going to look at the chronological approach of the lifespan development and the model of hierarchical complexity theory of human development (Michele & Hoffnung, 2013).
Topic one: biological foundation and genetics. In this subject, I am going to use the photo as the method of discussion. The choice of photo is because there are several photos I have come across several pictures about the biological foundation and genetics. For instance, the picture below shows the relationship between genetic variation in the biology, the environment and the behavior of an ...view middle of the document...

According to the above statement, one’s lifespan is dependent on their parent’s lifespan given that they died from natural deaths. Most people whose parents lived longer are more likely to live longer as their parents or even longer. The parents genes once passed to the children; there are chances that these genes will adapt to the young ones, be able to withstand diseases that are some of the courses of some deaths. However, it is not guaranteed that the person will live longer as one’s health is dependent on the diet they take. The reason that our parents lived longer than most of us will live is because they had the right types of foods which were very healthy. Taking a healthy balanced diet is the key role of living longer as healthy foods help to fight diseases and enable the body to be resistive (Sternberg, 2012).
The area of confusion about the topic is that the lifespan of our parents dictates our lifespan as well. However, it tries to make sense on the point of twins in which they mostly tend to die at the same time. Nevertheless, that does not guarantee that the people who have similar genes have the same lifespan. For instance, during consumption, one of the child’s parent genes might be dominant in which the owner might die early while the one with the recessive genes dies at an older age. In such cases, it is necessary to have an explanation in the situations as stated above when one parent dies. My prior knowledge was that the lifespan of an individual depends on how the individual lives their lives. Some people always live reckless lives in which their lifespan has no any relationship with that of their parents. Some parents might not be taking any form of drugs in which their children might be using the drugs very much living recklessly (Mark Stibich, 2014).
Despite the confusion, my prior knowledge on genetics prepared me well to receive the information about this topic. I had little knowledge about the relationship between the parents and their children and that some traits that can pass from the parent to the children in their genes. Moreover, I have been able to see more twins who live almost the same lifespan as compared to the siblings. Whenever one of the twins is in trouble, the other one despite how far they are apart will always feel that there is their twin is in trouble. As from the above photo, is seen that there is a relationship between one’s genetic variation and their biology. The biological aspect is about the link between the two individuals on how close they are together, the more intimate the genetic variation. The behavior direction means that there is always a similarity in the behavior of people one has a close relationship with (Full Wiley, 2014).
Topic two: first two years of life. In this subject, I am I will use Haiku to discuss the issue because it is easier to formulate poetry from first two years of life. For instance, the poem below shows the close relationship parents have with their children...

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