Life As A Rambling Essay

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Life as a rambling
"On the road ' s Jack Kerouac novel, published in 1957 and became a kind of Bible generation beat, seems to go today with a soundtrack like Tom Waits, John Lee Hooker, the option of escape from the daily dust. The novel is "Carpe diem" that shocked the 50s of last century. Leaving aside the scandalous facts, immoral conduct, drugs, sex, documentary's first novel. The book consists of four parts, each part being a journey across America.
Beat is the word coined, apparently, an eccentric character of the New York underworld, Herbert Huncke. From this time was taken by William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Jack then Kerouac. Significance based on the beat down(depressed, desolate, discouraged) to beatific (comprised of ecstasy, bliss ).Kerouac's writings have influenced a generation of musicians, ...view middle of the document...

 Always accompanied by corresponding blue jazz cool and be bop , the author presents his autobiography in a "experienţalistă" as would say our interbelicii. Kerouac does not censor, says he hears such sounds, use of slang and intonations transcribed.
As a great and eternal jazz improvisation, the author throws overboard literaturizare and transcribe almost any raw experience, the idea of freedom recovery subtle, magical and instinctive. Carries the poetic mirror which reflects a tragic adventurer looking weary and his good friend, bum Neal Cassady .
Was frantic flipping is a maverick rebel, but without aggressive rebellion, he is driven only by desire for lead .
Beatnici falling, Kerouac is not any angry anarchist, but an escapist type romantic-naturalist Thoreau's and Fenimore Cooper. "Road" in search of sun is its desperate attempt to flee from their own shadow, the sun uninterrupted journey reminiscent of those of American Indian tribes, now extinct, who hoped to preserve such precarious balance of life .
Generation drunk was represented by a group of writers (novelists Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, poets Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlingetti, Gary Snyder), which emerged in reaction to loud and bohemian in so called silent years 50s. They became known around 1956, first in New York and then in San Francisco, their approach is mediated by the aesthetics of their works, which greatly influenced the evolution of American literature. Brazilian filmmaker Walter Salles directed (signed, among others of directing the film "Diary on the bike", a film adaptation of the eponymous autobiographical volume of Che Guevara), the film On the Road is a starting point the novel "On the Road", but not is a screening updated, but rather an attempt to restore the atmosphere of the '50s. Jack Kerouac, when he confessed in a letter to his friend  Neal Cassady   that is heir to "the curse of Melville: the destiny that no public writer" was wrong.

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