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Library Experience Essay

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Name: Lisa
Course: 1300
Date: Friday, October 11, 2013
My Library Experience
Coming to Houston Community College was a huge blur for me. No one told me it was going to be a confusing mess. Also, no one told me the people working there were not friendly and were not helpful; I had to find that out by myself. I had no idea what college was going to be like. The only thing that I found helpful was going to The Leaning Hub class and learning about the library and how they work. Coming to The Learning Hub class showed me ways that I can get information on books, find books, and get a book transferred to a campus close to me.
Upon going to The Learning Hub class, I though Houston Community College’s libraries were regular city libraries. Once I got into The Learning Hub class I found out that that was completely wrong. As I sat there listening to Mr. Hord talk about how to begin to look for a book, I found that being in a ...view middle of the document...

An example of the Call number would be #5303 . R27 2007, that was the call number for the art book I looked for in the Learning Hub Library Class.
Once Mr. Hord showed us how to find books, he also explained to us that there is a card called TexShare that students can use. The TexShare card is a free card students can get from any Houston Community College campus at the Circulation Desk. This card allows students to go to any Texas College and use their library and check out two books. For example, Mr. Hord told us that if a student needs to use a book from the main campus of The University of Houston, we would just have to show the TexShare card to the front desk and they will allow you to enter and use their books. Mr. Hord explained to us that most of Texas libraries use the classification system call Library of Congress. The Library of Congress is the way the books are laid out on the shelves.
As we kept learning about the Houston Community College’s Libraries Mr. Hord told us stories about when he was in college and how he would type an essay and then get a low grade because the sources he used were not listed the correct way. Mr. Hord showed us the correct way to write a source in the MLA format. For example, the MLA format for the art book that was used for the call number would be:
Klein, Cecelia F. "Regarding Art And Art History." Art Bulletin 95.2 (2013): 187-190. Academic Search Complete. Web. 27 Sept. 2013.
Mr. Hord also explained how the internet is the most useful place for information, only because it is up to date with current activities. The internet can have an article about something that happened a day do ago, while it can take months for a book to be produced about the topic.
Upon entering this new chapter in life called College, I did not expect college to be this hard. Most of my high school teachers said it was the best time of their lives and yet I still cannot see why. Going to the Learning Hub and learning about the Houston Community College’s libraries helped me find a way to find a quite area to do homework and helped me find ways to search for book that are needed for my courses. For me, going to this class helped me out way more than when I took it at the Missouri City Campus.

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