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Liberty State College Essay

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Liberty State College and Williams Gates College Admissions and Student Activities
The purpose of this paper is to analyze contractual relationships that may occur on college campuses between college administrations and college students. Liberty State College is a public four-year institution that mainly places emphasis on undergraduate programs. William Gates College is a private liberal arts institution. Both institutions over the summer hired a Dean of Admissions and a Director of Student Activities. These institutions are located in the same state and close to 70 miles apart. This paper will illustrate ...view middle of the document...

Afterward, the student would take two courses in the spring and fall and if they successfully pass those courses they would be allowed to be admitted on a full-time basis.

The question at hand is did the Dean of Admission have the authority to contract?
The Dean of Admissions legally did not enter into a contract with Mr. Socha. Mr. Socha was advised upfront that he did not have the requisite to enter the undergraduate program at William Gates College. The Dean of Admissions did relay to Mr. Socha if he would consider taking a summer course at that institution they might consider his admission. If Mr. Socha had taken the Dean of Admission up on that offer and successfully attended summer school, the Dean of Admissions at that point had made a verbal agreement with Mr. Socha that the institution would consider him for admission. If the Dean of Admission decided to rescind that offer, Mr. Socha could possibly contest that him and the Dean of Admissions had entered into an oral agreement. In some circumstances a contractual relationship may arise from communication between two parties, even if a formal written “agreement” is never signed. In many cases, this is a binding contact because it was an oral statement. If Mr. Socha was indeed able to enter the program at William Gates College, the college would probably have offered him an “implied contract”, which is a binding contract. This could have resulted from the institution performing a degree audit report. Also, College Administrators acting within the course and the scope of his or her authority are agents of the institution.
Not everyone is able to enter into a valid contract. I would consider a college student one of those people. College students at the age of eighteen should be considered competent to enter into a legal binding contract. A contact with a college administration and a college student may be considered one of problematic consent. If this is the case the situation will probably have to be dealt with differently. Contracts for the supply of "necessaries" will generally be binding. There are no hard and fast rules to identify what is "a necessary", but it does include the sorts of things a young person needs to live a reasonable lifestyle. It includes basics such as: food, clothing, a place to live, or medicine. It will also include any contracts relating to a young person's education, apprenticeship or something very similar, if it can be shown to be of benefit to the young person.
The second scenario pertains to a manager of an upcoming regional band, by the name of Stephanie Hammond. Ms. Hammond has offered to let her band perform at both institutions in hope that it will showcase and spread the word about the quality of her band. Ms. Hammond has offered a discount on the performances and has agreed to contract with both institutions the third weekend in October. This seems to be ideal, because the schools are in close proximity of each other. The...

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