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Liberia International Business Paper

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Donovan Dinkins
IBP Rough Draft
21 February 2011
Liberia: Maritime Program
1. Introduction: The Liberian Maritime Program is a value based industry that focuses on the transfer of raw materials and goods from one country to another through ships. The Liberian Maritime Program was established in 1948 and the Liberian Registry began after World War II. The program is administrated and operated through two main governmental programs, Bureau of Maritime Affairs (BMA) and the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR), and it is because of these two programs that it is ranked number one for safety, customer service, and quality. The main efforts of the program are ...view middle of the document...

The Liberian Administration strategically chose them to handle all the marine investigations because they have earned an outstanding reputation over the last decade for conducting marine investigations with efficiency and competency. Investigations range from minor casualties such as damage to the ship to major casualties such as loss of life or ship and extreme pollution to the environment. Seafarer’s Certification and Documentation department is another aspect of safety that the Liberian Maritime Program focuses on through the Liberian Registry which is where countries register their ships. This department ensures additional safety by eliminating fraudulent applications for crew certification and reducing the illegal duplication of crew documentation. They can successfully implement these strategies through the use of high tech computer systems, which they had created and are now being used by many other similar industries around the world. There are many other safety regulations and procedures that are carried out through the program and the registry, but these were just a few of the main examples that were held to a higher standard.
3.2. Customer Service: In the vision of the Liberian Maritime Program, it states that it strives to be the “Premier Maritime Authority that exceeds customer expectations by providing a diversified offering of exceptional value-based products and services globally.” It is evident that they hold customer relations in the highest of regards to ensure that they become life-long customers. They actually have customer satisfaction surveys posted on their official site where organizations can record their experience using the Liberian Maritime Program and can give constructive criticism or positive feedback. It was said by the safety department of the Liberian Registry that, “The Republic of Liberia, has thusly ensured long term consistency and professional management by technically competent, responsive employees using modern management principles and sound business practices.” Although that relates to the safety and quality, it also has a great influence on customer experience because when a company has strong employees with great managerial direction, they can provide exceptional service to the organizations they conduct business with. The Liberian Maritime Program and Registry have developed their prestigious reputation over sixty years through having high levels of quality and efficiency, closing large gaps in marine safety, and implementing impressive ways of customer service. The customer service this company outputs is greatly impacted by the values of the Liberian people and government as a whole. The work...

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