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Liberal Arts Essay

749 words - 3 pages

Victoria Roberts
Mr. Riggs
Comp I 1013-107
10 September 2014
“The New Liberal Arts” Summary
In his dissertation “The New Liberal Arts”, Sanford J. Ungar argues the necessity of a liberal arts education rather than a career based one through the economic downturn and the scrutiny it withstands, supporting his theme with seven claims of misconceptions and followed by his contrast to the collective beliefs.
The first misinterpretation stems from the idea that “A liberal-arts degree is a luxury that most families can no longer afford. “Career education” is what we now must focus on” (190). Ungar trails the claim with a concession to why some may think that in regards to the current ...view middle of the document...

Their views are largely “the most original and inventive in the discussion and application of those ideas” (193). The liberal arts education system is in fact exactly what the first generation or lesser income students need to advance to the level of understanding that their peers have. In addition to education methods, the fourth notion to be challenged by the author is that “The STEM fields-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics- are where the action is” (193). However, Ungar open the audiences eyes to the realization that on occasion, liberal arts are called arts and sciences. The full spectrum is offered at a liberal arts institution while the technical schools lack the material to educate on the liberal arts basis.
The fifth rift identified in the writing is that “it’s ridiculous to continue indoctrinating our young people with a liberal education” (194). Contrarily to what the title portrays, the teachings of the liberal arts tend to lean to a conservative view of educating today’s young people. The goal of liberal arts is to take into account all of the opinions, views and ideas set before you. Although liberal arts has been an influential part of future politician’s education, it is not a political matter. The sixth point...

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