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South Korean multinational corporation South Korea's second largest electronics maker and the world's third largest appliance maker Company has 75 subsidiaries worldwide Design a d manufacture te ev s o s, home appliances, and es g and a u actu e televisions, o e app a ces, a d telecommunications devices. LG Electronics owns Zenith Electronics and controls LG Displays, a joint venture with Philips Electronics By 2005, LG was a Top 100 global brand. In 2006, LG recorded a brand growth of 14% World s World’s largest plasma panel manufacturer In 2006, its net income was $226 million, on total revenues of $24.7 billion

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8 trillion, accounting for 29% of machines. 11 8 trillion the company's total revenue. The division's profit was KRW 717.1 billion. About 35% of the company's home appliance revenue comes from the North American market

Digital display
Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, Micro Display Panel TVs, Monitors, PDP Modules, OLED Panels, USB Memory, Flat Panel Computer Monitors

Digital media
Home Theater Systems, DVD Recorders, Super Multi DVD Rewriters, CD±RW, Notebook PCs, Desktop PCs, PDAs, PDA Phones, MP3 Players, New Karaoke Systems, Car Infotainment

Company brands Cyon - Mobile phone Dios - Premium appliance (before LG's home refrigerator brand) Flatron - computer monitor, TV GoldStar - Home appliance IrisAccess - Iris recognition Platon - CRT TV Super Multi - Trademark for DVD+R(W)/-RAM burners p ( ) Tromm - Home washing machine Whisen - Air conditioner Xcanvas - PDP & LCD HDTV Xnote - laptop computer XD Engine - TV Technology Xpion - Desktop computer

Pursuing its 21st century vision of becoming a true global digital leader that can make i customers happy h k its h throughout the world by means of its innovative digital products and services. services Set a new mid-term and long-term vision, aiming to achieve a position as one of the top three electronics electronics, information, and telecommunication firms in the world by 2010. Embracing th hil E b i the philosophy of "Great h f "G t Company, Great People," whereby only great people can create a great company

Management Based on Esteem for Human Dignity Human - Value each Individual. Dignity - Capitalize on Individual competencies, Respect for personal aspiration. Esteem - People are of the origin of all values. By developing l f h i i f ll l d l i people we improve the organizations clear tasks and fair treatment.

Compete in the International Market with a Global Mindset Mindset. Maximize value for the Customers, Employees & Shareholders Pursue the best in class through Management by Principle Contribute to Society through Good Corporate Planning.

Fast Growth - Result of the strategies designed to expand the earnings - Improve the growth rate in terms of monetary value rather than quantity Fast Innovation Involves setting extremely high innovation goals and securing a competitive edge, aiming for a target of 30% more than what the competitors can achieve achieve. Also means 30% more sales and improvement in our market share, New product development and unveiling innovative products 30% faster, d l i f t developing t h l technology and establishing corporate value th d t bli hi t l three years ahead of our competitors.
One of the differentiating factor and means of value addition of the company is its FAST INNOVATION STRATEGY

Product Leadership - Abilit to develop creative top-quality products using specialized new Ability t d l ti t lit d t i i li d

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