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Lewis Case Essay

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1.How would you characterize Levi’s branding strategy in general? What are the positive aspects? Are there any negative aspects?
Levi’s branding strategy was to create a very loyal base of customers who will buy their products without any hesitation. They advertised their products so that people can associate themselves with the products and brand. They focused exclusively on quality to ensure strong brand loyalty and focused mainly on men.
Positive aspects of their strategy was constant growth due to loyalty and biggest share in the jeans market.
But at the same time there were negative aspects as people associated Levi’s with Jeans and their diversification efforts were not successful. Due to focus on men, when these people moved to age group of 40 plus, Levi’s ran into the danger of loosing these loyal customers as they were looking for alternative pants which Levi’s did not have before ...view middle of the document...

It was an independent to attract new customers aged less than 25 years and was to leverage the Levi’s name to retain the baby boomers who were moving away from Jeans and were looking for an alternative pants for their changed life style. They tried to create a new category by even reaching out to corporate HR department to make a mindset shift that casuals was a new way to dress in America. The pocket flasher used the emotional aspect to show that even women are attracted to man dressed in casuals instead of a formally dressed man.
Retail Trade: The idea was to utilize the Levi brand but still create a separate category that is quite distinct from the jeans. It concentrated distribution in department stores and chains from JCPenney to Bloomingdale’s to retailer it curtailed business it past. They provided sales support to retailers and also created a Dockers shop with the department store with pants displayed folded, very similar to Jeans.
Advertising Strategy: This was the major portion of communication strategy which portrayed Dockers as a pant for every occasion. They used focus groups to determine the scenes that could be used for ads. They used ads to generate awareness for this new category as well as very aggressively target their consumers. They focused on emotional aspect to make viewers think that people in ads were just like them and they would like to dress like people in ads. In addition, Levi’s used various promotional such as in-store displays, sales promotions, kickoff parties to create the awareness.
The Dockers communication strategy was in line with past strategy where they associated they target audience in their ads. For example before 1970, Western gold miner themes dominated which was then moved to traditional western, miner or prospector as they moved to convert the image to contemporary and hip.
We believe that the Dockers added a lot to the Brand equity of Levis as it attracted people aged less than 25 and also increased the loyalty of people aged between 25 and 44 with close to 90% brand awareness by 1991.

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