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Level Of Confidence Essay

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Elements of poem

SPEAKER is the imaginary voice assumed by the writer of a poem.  In many poems the speaker is not identified by name.  When reading a poem, remember that the speaker and the poet are not the same person, not more than an actor is the playwright.  The speaker within the poem may be a person, an animal, a thing, or an abstraction.
A STANZA is a formal division of lines in a poem, considered as a unit.  Often the stanzas in a poem are separated by spaces.  Stanzas are sometimes named according to the number of lines found in them. 

a.    2 lines ---- couplet

b.   3 lines ---- tercet

c.    4 lines ---- quatrain

d.   5 lines ---- cinquain

e.    6 lines ---- ...view middle of the document...

Types of Rhyme

1.    End rhyme occurs when the rhyming words come at the end of lines.

2.    Internal rhyme occurs when the rhyming words appear in the same line.

Sound device: a device used to add effects in a certain poem that uses sounds.
alliteration :repetition of the initial consonant sounds
ex: terrible truths and lullaby lies
assonance: repetition of vowel sound
ex: mystery disguised within
Onomatopoeia: This is one important element of poetry, which refers to words that sound like their meaning, ex: buzz, moo and paw.
IMAGERY is a word or phrase that appeals to one or more of the five senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell.  Writers use images to re-create sensory experiences in words.
Figures of speech are another way of adding extra dimensions to language.

Figures of speech

Metaphor is when you use two nouns and compare or contrast them to one another. Unlike simile, you don't use "like" or "as" in the comparison.

I am a rainbow

Simile is when you compare two nouns (persons, places or things) that are unlike, with "like" or "as."


"The water is like the sun."

Personification when you make a thing, idea, or an animal do something only humans can do.


"Wind yells while blowing"

Apostrophe A rhetorical device which is used to directly  address an absent or imaginary person or object as if alive and present and could reply.

Addressing an abstract idea or nonhuman object, often begins with the exclamation "O" or "Oh"

Example: "Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?"

Irony is an implied discrepancy between what is said and what is meant.
Three kinds of irony:

1. verbal irony is when an author says one thing and means something else.
2. dramatic irony is when an audience perceives something that a character in the literature does not know.
3. irony of situation is a discrepency between the expected result and...

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