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Level 5 Leadership Unit 5 Work In Partnership

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Unit 5 – Work in Partnership in Health and social Care or Children and Young People’s Settings

Learning outcome 1
“A team is not a bunch of people with job titles, but a congregation of individuals, each of whom has a role which is understood by other members. Members of a team seek out certain roles and they perform most effectively in the ones that are most natural to them.”
Dr. R. M. Belbin.

The partnerships we have in nursery include the team of staff, with parents and with outside agencies such as children’s centres. Partnership working means different people can share their expertise and knowledge to the advantage of the care of the children. ‘Belbin Team Roles’ are used ...view middle of the document...

I share the senior role at nursery to look after the under twos. We need effective communication between us and the staff and to have a consistent approach. Partnership with parents is also very important as well as partnerships with other outside agencies that help and guide us on some specific care for the children.

Effective partnerships are important for everyone involved. In the Plowden Report (1967) it states that ‘by involving the parents, the children may be helped’. At nursery we have diaries, learning journals and regular meetings with parents as a way of opening the communication with parents. It means we can share aspects of their child’s development or any issues regarding special educational needs if there are any. It gives a parent chance to share how they feel their child is progressing and it means any issues can be dealt with when they arise. Practitioners can share their knowledge and offer advice and support which most parents need at some point. This close partnership then offers continuity for the child and allows them to feel safe in a trusted environment.
Partnerships within the workplace allow tasks to be shared and there will always be a range of expertise. It is important that everyone works together and towards the same goal and to provide excellent care for the children. I work closely with the other senior members of staff and use them for support and guidance when needed. I work closely with the kitchen staff to plan and provide healthy meals and snacks for the babies and I work closely with all members of the team to share ideas and even the workload.
Working in the baby room I don’t often have to use outside agencies. I know that any issues are dealt with by the SENCO manager and meetings are set up with other workers, parents and staff to provide the best care for the child. These meeting are important to share knowledge and information about the child and then how to best manage any outcomes that come from the meetings.

Effective partnerships have a positive effect for both staff at the setting and parents who use the setting. It offers a good support network for everyone – support for parents as well as support for staff from management and other team members. It promotes good practice and helps to create a desire to do well. Effective communication is the key to ensure all jobs are completed and excellent care of the children is provided. It stops duplication of tasks and means there is more time for new activities to be done. A good working partnership can boost team morale which in turn is beneficial for the children. Individual needs can be identified and through differing knowledge can then be catered for. These outcomes are all better come from an effective partnership.
Barriers can sometimes arise in partnership working, whether it is a working relationship or a relationship with a parent. A main barrier can be the personality of the people involved or the desire for that...

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