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Level 3 Nvq Business Admin Unit 219

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Unit 219

Administer the recruitment and selection process

1.1 The different administrative requirements of internal and external recruitment:-
An internal vacancy is a more cost effective way to recruit within a company, not only does it save on expensive recruitment fees, saves a lot of time, it also increases staff moral and gives employees the chance to progress and be promoted. From a recruitment point of view the administrative requirements for an internal recruitment is very basic in outlining the new positions job description and giving, in brief, a character and qualification requirement, for example if the vacancy was for a Sales role the character of the person required ...view middle of the document...

1.2 The uses of a job description and a person specification.
Any job advert needs to attract the right applicant, by using the vacant position’s job description within the advert this gives any possible candidates an insight into what the job involves and what the Company expects in terms of meeting targets etc… This gives any prospective applicants information to help them decide if they have the relevant experience; qualifications or skills to do that job. It is also extremely important that the person specification required is also made clear, it maybe that someone has the skills, experience and qualifications to do a particular role but if they don’t have the personal qualities required or that will fit in with the Company’s culture then it will not work. For example someone may have the required qualifications and previous experience in retail but personally they are quiet and shy and don’t enjoy talking to customers, that is not going to be of benefit to the hiring company.

1.3 The administrative requirements of different methods of selection.
There are several methods a recruiter will use to screen a potential candidate these are:

● Application forms. These are, for some employers, the first form of contact with a potential applicant. An application form will require information from personal data (name, address etc..) right through to education and employment history and academic achievements. What questions are ask will depend on the employer.
● CV’s (Curriculum Vitae) Like the application form this is usually the first selling tool an applicant uses when applying for a position. This will include personal data, i.e name, address, contact details and any other information that is felt relevant for example if driving licence held, marital status, date of birth (although this information is not required many people still include). Information on employment history, including employer, job titles, brief description of what your role involved, length of time with the employer, any achievements. Also education history, qualifications and any other information that may be relevant and help to sell yourself to a prospective employer.
● Employer questionnaires - These are often sent out after the first initial CV screening. These are a good tool for Companies to assess an applicant’s knowledge, work ethic, personal values and also spelling and grammar (although the latter is more difficult with the use of PC spell checks)
● Employers aptitude tests - These are structured systematic ways of evaluating how people perform and are becoming more popular with employers to screen potential applicants as part of the recruitment process. These test can range from basic problem solving, multiple choice type tests and can be anything from numerical, verbal, spelling & punctuation the list can go on.
● Interviews - Interviews are normally face to face or sometimes initially over the phone with the employer,...

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