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Level 2 Health And Safety Essay

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s a night worker I have a great deal of responsibility in relation to health and safety. I am a lone worker and by night I am primarily responsible for the health and safety of myself, the service users that are accessing our service at the time, the member of staff that is sleeping in as well as the safety and security of the premises.

The health and safety at work act 1974 is the main legislation that applies to us in the care setting. The act has been updated and supplemented by others sets of regulations that are relevant to care they include;
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)
Reporting of injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 ...view middle of the document...

Manual Handling, Medication and First Aid are some examples of tasks relating to health and safety that I would not carry out without special training.If I needed to access additional support and information relating to health and safety I would go the policies, internet, books or courses.

It is important to assess health and safety hazards posed by the work setting or by particular activities as it protects the health and safety of both you and the service user.
All risks must be noted, assessed and steps taken to minimise them as far as possible. Workers and others have a right to be protected from harm. I would report potential health and safety risks by reporting to my manager and I would report it if I saw any changes in an individual. Risk assessments can help address dilemmas between rights and health and safety concerns so that the correct procedures will be followed.Risk assessment identifies and should reduce risk, it should also ensure that adequate control measures are put into place.

If a service user suffered a accident or sudden illness whilst I was on shift, Such as falling or a head injury, having sickness or burns. I would:
Assess the situation
Reassure the person
Make the area safe
Call for help/assistance First aid to the individual, reassuring them constantly
Get medical assistance if needed
Inform relevant people manager/team leader, relatives
Record incident throughly in daily recordings
Complete accident/incident form
VA1 form,inform RIDDOR

I also have responsibilities with regard to health and hygiene. These responsibilities include ensuring that I have good work practices that promote good health and hygiene. I am personally responsible for ensuring that I promote good hygiene which includes, ensuring that I wash my hands before and after carrying out any procedures that involves contact with an individual or food product. I must ensure I protect myself and stop the spread of infection. I must use PPE ( personal protective equipment ) for all procedures that involve bodily contact or could involve dealing with bodily fluid or waste. I must ensure that I use new PPE for each individual and the PPE must be appropriately disposed of at the end of each task. All of these responsibilities are necessary to promote good health and hygiene and to help to stop and or spread infection. These germs could cause food poisoning, colds and superbugs such as MRSA
The recommended method for hand washing is;
Use water as hot as the hands can comfortably stand
Moisten hands, lather soap thoroughly and wash up to the elbow.
Rub hands together using friction for 30 seconds
Rinse thoroughly under running water
Dry hands using single service towels or a hot dryer

I also have responsibility to maintain good standards of health and safety with regards to moving and handling.All tasks that I carry out needs to be in line with the training that I have received. The techniques and equipment I use also need to be...

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