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Level 1 Award In Health And Safety

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Pearson BTEC Level 1
Award in Health and
Safety in a Construction Environment (QCF) – Workbook

Pearson BTEC Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment (QCF)

Level 1: 4 Credits

Learner name: | |
Learner registration number: | |
Centre name/number: | |
Assessor/tutor name: | |
Your job role (if applicable): | |
Main Organization:(This will either be the organization the Learner is employed by or, if the Learner is not currently employed within the construction sector an organization they are familiar with.) |
UNIT SIGN OFFI confirm that the answers given within this workbook are my own work. Learner signature: ...view middle of the document...

Although it is expected that the workbook will be contextualized to one organization that the learner is familiar with, there is no absolute requirement for all questions to be answered in relation to that one organization. In particular, learners may find that some questions may not be relevant to their own organization. Where this is the case, it is perfectly acceptable to answer in relation to a different organization.

The final grade for this assignment will be pass or fail, there is no further grading. To achieve a pass learners must complete the requirements of the assessment criteria, which are noted clearly by each task.

Learners must complete the workbook task individually.
Pearson BTEC Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment (QCF) - Workbook

Unit 1: Health and Safety in a Construction Environment

Learning outcome 1: Know the principles of risk assessment for maintaining and improving health and safety at work

1.1 State the purpose of risk assessments and method statements

You are helping the health and safety manager to prepare a safety induction presentation. List three purposes of a risk assessment.

1. Employer legal duty

2. Provide health and safety information to employees at work.

3. Assess to risk associate with work to identify the control measures necessary to reduce risk.

Name three uses for a method statement.

1. It tells us how a job is to be carried out in a safe manner and without risk for health.

2. It provides information for other contractor working at the site about any effect the work will have on them.
3. It tells us what precautions that should be taken while doing the work at site

1.2 State the legal requirements of risk assessments and method statements

Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) is the main piece of legislation covering workplace health and safety in Great Britain.

1. What are the requirements for risk assessment under this Act?

It applies to all at work, The employer should plan, control, organize, monitor and review their work and the employees should co-operative with the employer on health and safety matters and not to do anything that puts themselves and others at risk.

2. How would writing method statements help to meet the requirements of the Act?

It helps in keeping all records on all aspects of method statement in training workers how to do particular work in a safest way.

1.3 State common causes of work-related fatalities and injuries

Fatalities during working are the serious consequences of accidents that have a dramatic affect on other people’s lives. Give three possible causes of fatal accidents in construction. An example has been provided for you.

Example: Loose scaffold boards on a high floor causing a worker to trip and fall off


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