Letters From The Heart. Why The Scarlet Letter Is Truly Romantic

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A well structured paper that deals explains why The Scarlet Letter is truly a romantic. -Letters from the Heart I'm lonely. Being alone makes me feel like I'm lost, an outcast that doesn't deserve to stayhere with the ones I love. They all ignore me now, they all treat me like the sinner I am.It's coldoutside and as I wander from door to door seeking warmth and, perhaps, a little compassion frommy friends, I recieve neither. Perhaps I deserve it. They aren't sinners. How could they possibly feelwhat I'm feeling right now? The Scarlet Letter, written by Nethaniel Hawthorn, offers a dynamic outlook at ...view middle of the document...

They are optomisticas well as true non-conformists. They also believe that the basic human nature is good. Almosteverything is symbolic in the Romantic wold. Romantics rely on their strong sense of intuitionbecause they believe that there are things that lie beyond the senses. The Scarlet Letter is written in the Romantic style. It contains many elements thatare vital to the Romantics. It is full of symbolism. For example, by the end of the story, how manydifferent ways could the letter 'A' be interpreted? What about the lot described in the beginning?Was Pearl Hesters child or was she symbolic of the wild life that sin leads to? The people in thestory seem to have an innate sense of intuition, much like the Romantics. They are constantlyreading each others feeling and reacting to them. Emotion plays a key role in the story. Peopledidn't ignore or hate Hester for her sins because, much like the Romantics, their basic nature wasgood. This piece is truly timeless. It encompasses the emotions and problems that an individual inany society may face. Granted, the average individual is not forced to wear our sins for all to see,nor are we punished in the same manner that the puritans were. However, we do carry our sinsinside, where we can see them. Perhaps, the reader might see this piece as an attempt to bring outthe good in some of todays non-moralistic society.

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