Letter To The Editor On School Bullies

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Letter to the editor on School Bullies
Erica Patterson
DeVry University

Prewriting for Letter Assignment
1. Theme/Topic: Bullies in School
2. Angle: I agree with Mr. Smith the editor when he stated bulling in schools can be reduced.
3. Purpose and Thesis: I am writing to support Mr. Smith the editor ideas along with adding additional ideas. Thesis: I agree with Mr. Smith because he stated school bullying can be reduced and it can! I think in order to reduce bullying in school every school official should have a clearly understanding what bullying actually is.
4. Reader/Audience Profile: The reader’s expectations consist of keeping them interested ...view middle of the document...

b. Mr. Smith (2014) stated that parents play an important role when it comes to their child bullying others.
8. Quoted Material: “Bullying causes many bad effects on children while trying to learn and should be banned out of all schools”.
“A child should not be talked about or bullied in any type of way while trying to learn and get an education”.

I read an article by Peter. K. Smith called Parents and School Bullying. I agree with everything the editor talked about. Bullying has become a major concern in schools around the world, and this situation needs to be handled more accordingly in our school systems. Bullying can cause major affects to all parties involved. The purpose of this letter is to support the author and his statement made about school bullying. I strongly agree with mostly all accusations made by Mr. Smith. I agree with the author when he stated that little work has been done in schools to prevent school bullying. School bullying can cause severe stress in a child and it can be reduced.
I also feel as if little work has been done in our schools to prevent bullying. I feel as if school officials are not taking the term “bully” as seriously as they should. There should be a zero tolerance in every school when it comes to bullying. I was reading a called the 13 Year Old who Committed Suicide. This article was about a 13 year old who was bullied daily in school. The school officials had been notified several times about the situation but never did anything to prevent it. By the school not doing anything, the child stopped going to school and he eventually committed suicide. I think if the school would have cared more and disciplined the children at fault, this would have prevented this child from killing himself. Mr. Smith (2014) stated in his article that parenting plays an important role when it comes to children bullying and I agree. I think parents can teach their children about bullying and they can make sure their children are not doing such. Sometimes children just can follow in their parent’s steps by bullying because that’s what they did growing up.
School bullying can cause so much stress on a child. Children stops eating from being...

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