Letter To Paul Pennyfeather Essay

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Decline and Fall

Dear Paul,

I was awfully sorry to hear about your sending down from Oxford, our beloved home and establishment of education, which I hear you were highly devoted to, and highly developed and skilled in that field. Now, I’d like to make a few things clear with you about the manner in which you have come to such a disappointing forfeiture of your educational opportunity, here at Oxford.

Firstly, I cannot take the blame for the consequences you have suffered after being found guilty of indecent behaviour. The reasoning behind this claim is that by rule of the Bollinger Club, anyone found posing as a member of the Club, who in fact is not a member, requires punishment ...view middle of the document...

I can assure you that if we had known what the outcome of our actions were to be, we wouldn’t have done what we did to you. Yet still, we must take nothing away from the fact that it was you who risked such a situation by daring to pose as one of our members, when our strong bond and brotherhood trust would easily make you stand out of the crowd, and would instantaneously single you out as a pretender, we know who our fellow members are. If you were keen to become a member, all you need do is approach myself and pose the question. Granted, I may not have seen eye to eye with you on the matter, as anyone could differentiate between you and one of our members – you stand out to be rather the opposite of Bollinger material in all honesty. My point is that this whole scenario could have easily been avoided by means of presence of mind and cooperation. I firmly believe that no condemnation can be attached to myself or any other member of our club if inquiries are made to determine who...

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