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Letter To Editor Essay

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Letter to Editor
Dear Editor:
On August 8 in 2007 Barry Bonds broke the Major League Baseball (MLB) home run records by 31years. However, most major newspapers and magazines columns were indifferent and negative to his home run record. The expressions from them are very different from wild enthusiasms and cheers when he broke Mark McGwire’s single season home run record because Bonds is under suspicion for steroid use. Beside in these cases, major leaguers’ performance enhancing drugs stories rise out many different way such as Jose Canseco autobiography, Mark McGwire admits he uses the steroids and goes on to hit a then record 70 homers.
According to the MLB official site, ...view middle of the document...

(Findlaw, 2005) The penalties for a positive result were 10 days suspension for a first positive, 30 days suspension for a second positive, 60 days suspension for a third positive, and one year for a fourth.(Bodley, 2005) However, both associations reached a new agreement of the new striated in November 15, 2005. Penalties for drugs use were 50 games for a first offense, 100 games for a second and a lifetime ban for a third.(Kathy, 2005)
This strict current policy and testing contributed to a decreased number of players taking the enhancing drugs. It also caught players who were taking the drugs. However, sometimes the policy looks useless even though they made it stricter. The policy clearly shows that a player who is taking a performance enhancing drug will be suspended. However this policy is very lenient about Major League super star. Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and Roger Clemens were never suspended. Even though Barry Bonds had positive result from amphetamine test and Jason Giambi admitted to taking steroids.
Recently, a new kind of drug makes the current drug policy weak. A while ago, the top issue of MLB was the HGH that Garry Matthews Jr, Troy Glaus, Rick Ankiel, and Jay Gibson were suspected of using HGH. It was banned by Major League Baseball in 2005. It is a magical substance that offers the same benefits as anabolic steroid. It will not only make them stronger but also shorten the time to come back from injury. However, MLB does not test for HGH because it can not be detected by urine tests. It is only detected by blood tests but the MLB commission and the player’s association did not make an agreement about blood tests. Therefore, MLB definitely needs a new alternative policy.
Baseball is in their blood. But what else is? I think that's the question the sport must answer as it manages its performance enhancing drugs and Human Growth Hormone crisis. There is the issue of records being broken by players on steroids who could not have achieved such amazing records without the use of drugs. This takes away from the legacy of true athletes who did not resort to performance-enhancing drugs. And while the fans may feel slighted by these problems, the true victims here are the honest players, who do not wish to take drugs. If a player is truly talented and chooses not to take steroids, they are still competing against other players who take those drugs and this gives the other players an advantage over them. Not only will they play better, but this will lead to them making more, and possibly even giving them the spot on the team that is no longer available for the player avoiding these drugs.
If it is so, why MLB player can not free from the temptation of steroid? One reason is that steroids give the players on unfair competitive advantage over others. The steroids help to increase in muscle mass and physical strength and are consequently used in sport to enhance strength, recovery time from workouts and enable them to...

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