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Letter To Congress Essay

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A Letter To a Congressional Representative

February 24, 2014
Beth Edwards

Date: February 24, 2014
Re: Support fro health care bill
Executive summary
I am writing to request for your support in the health insurance bill. As you know, a proper health is vital and that we cannot enjoy wealth and other luxuries if we are not healthy. However, diseases like Influenza and other serious illness are unavoidable in our daily life. In addition, lifestyle changes have caused many individuals to suffer from illnesses like cancer, stroke, and heart attack. For those reasons, I advocate that the government should give health insurance to its citizens. The health insurance will ...view middle of the document...

The bill is important because it will address problems that have persisted in the health sector for many years. Some of the problems within the health care sector include the high cost, uncertainty, and unfairness. This bill will be useful in improving health care quality, assist in curbing the cost of insurance besides expanding consumer rights and protection. One of the main changes that the Insurance Bill will make in the health care sector is the development of health insurance exchanges. Such online platforms enable consumers to shop for insurance policies at competitive rates. All the insurance policies must provide services that will cover the services provided in ten essential health benefits. Individuals with pre-existing conditions will not be excluded, and insurance companies will not drop those falling sick (Laham, 2004).
Pros and Cons of the bill
There are numerous advantages of implementing the Health Insurance Bill. The first advantage is the prevention of diseases through doctor recommended lifestyle changes and early detection. Changes strongly recommended in the goals of Healthy People 2020. This preventative measure will ensure that citizens are healthy besides saving money on the expenses needed to treat various diseases. In most cases, the less privileged people are unable to visit health care centers for regular pre-emptive visits. This results in more sickness and increased health care costs. The health industry will in turn incur massive losses from treating individuals without the collection of payment (Boychuk, 2008).
Secondly, the provision of health insurance will make individuals have some peace of mind. In case of a nagging problem, the individual can go to the doctor without the out-of-pocket expense. They can be checked even if it leads to diagnostic testing. If they discover that the ailment is not serious, the burden is lifted off their shoulders. Individuals without health care insurance may have symptoms persisting for years or months without knowing the cause. Such may make an individual to worry about potential health problems (Green & Rowell, 2006).
Thirdly, its adoption of the bill will result in less wastage of time. Sick people with insurance covers can take a sick-day leave, visit a doctor, and receive treatment as fast as possible. This is an advantage to the individual and his employers because of the easy and quick access to medical attention (Ross & Ross, 2013). It also limits the possibility of lost time on the job. Besides, it will ensure that maternity care is provided even before and after the baby is born. The bill will also facilitate the provision of inpatient care and treatments (Hitchcock, Schubert & Thomas, 2003).
The Health Insurance Bill will also cater for substance use disorders and mental health services, areas that have been ignored due to budget cuts. It will also entail the prescription of drugs. This includes counseling, psychotherapy, and behavioral...

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