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“The two most important dates in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”

Mark Twain

As the old saying goes, “The world has become a global village” and it is very evident, the dawn of a new
business age. Right from the barter trade system to the use of rare items such as stones, gems, cowries and
the likes as a measure of value and as a medium of exchange. Not forgetting the medieval mode of trade that
is coins and later notes. The business world has taken on a different face in this 21st century even to the
extent of a cashless system, hence my keen interest in an undergraduate program in International Business
Management at one of the most ...view middle of the document...

I developed an interest in forensics at a very tender age, I had always
been interested in investigative issues, what and why people do what they do and overall, a problem solver.
Coming from a continent like Africa which is quiet burdened with corruption and mismanagement of
resources and lacks specialized labour in the field of investigative accounting, my skills would be very
beneficial and highly sought after when my academic goal is achieved. These among a few interests have
fuelled my interest in Forensic Accounting. An undergraduate program in International Business
Management at Furtwangen University would equip me with basic and advanced business knowledge,
understanding and methodologies and also an international focus in the fields of management, marketing,
accounting, finance, human resource management and economics, along with quantitative methods (business
mathematics and statistics). It will also empower me with the requisite knowledge and exposure as well as
propel me to achieve my academic goals. I believe a course in International Business Management will
make me abreast with the ever dynamic business community; I would be exposed...

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