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Letter Of Complaint Essay

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You and your family are planning to spend a weekend at a seaside hotel.
Task: Write a letter to the hotel making the arrangements. Let them know when you will be arriving and leaving, what type of rooms you would like, and ask them how much the weekend will cost. Also enquire about activities and places of interest near the hotel.

Write from 150 to 170 words

Yrs should be handed in by this Fri.
Dear Mr. Truong Son,

My name is Thanh Nhan. My family and I are planing to spend a weekend on Sam Son beach. So I am writing to suggest staying in your hotel.

We will be arriving at your hotel on Friday morning and leaving on Sunday afternoon. My first suggestion is two double-rooms which we can see the sea through ...view middle of the document...

Task: Write a letter to the hotel making the arrangements. Let them know when you will be arriving and leaving, what type of rooms you would like, and ask them how much the weekend will cost. Also enquire about activities and places of interest near the hotel.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to make arrangements for the stay during the weekend at your hotel and to get more information on the places of interest and different activities nearby.
I will be arriving with my parents and wife to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary on the 4th of July which will be on Saturday morning, and leaving on the 7th of July afternoon. I am looking to book double-rooms with the attached bathroom for more privacy and convenience. I would love to have at least one bedroom with the balcony or seaside view for my parents. I would also appreciate if you could provide me with the list of activities that we can take part in during our stay for more fun and adventure. I prefer the locations to be nearby the hotel as we are not familiar with the place. Furthermore, I would also like to know if there are any historical sites or market nearby where we can explore more about the place’s history and local culture.
You could send me the detailed information through email or fax no later than the 4th of July with the total cost of stay during the weekend.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
The student has addressed all the parts of the task statement fairly well. The information is organized nicely and conveyed coherently. The grammar and sentence formation are mostly fine, with only minor improvements needed. The range of vocabulary is adequate for the requirements of the task response. Overall, this letter is a very good one, and seems worthy of Band 8.

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