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Letter Of Advice Essay

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LETTER OF ADVICE Letter of Advice Dear Michael and Michelle, I was so thrilled to hear the wonderful news about your recent engagement. I want to extend my congratulations; I am humbled that you both ask for advice on how to effectively use interpersonal communication in your relationship that would lead to a long happy marriage. Having taken an interpersonal communication course, I have learned several concepts coupled with my own life experiences that have strengthen my interpersonal communication in my marriage of thirty-four year and would be happy to share it with you throughout this letter. From birth we begin communication, as we grow and ...view middle of the document...

“Effective communication is meaning that is shared with others so all parties come to a mutual understanding what the words mean” (Sole, 2011, Chapter 1). Understand in communication you will always have three elements sender, receiver, and the message itself. When sharing an expression of yourself to another, it is imperative to realize that you are trying to get someone not only hear but grasp your thoughts. As Kathy Sole discusses “Communication is not simply the exchange of words and information; it is the means through


which we share knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and feelings with other people” (Sole, 2011, Chapter 1). In fact, the largest part of communication is listening. Listening and providing feedback are the ways we can determine that we understand what is actually being sent. Now that you both have a better understanding of what communication means, this will allow you to conscientiously think about more than just the words but in fact realize that you are sharing an expression of yourself with your partner, and this will cause the other person to take what is being said as being more meaningful. Always remember communication is more than words. The both of you will communicate with one another verbally and non-verbally. Verbal communication is the use of words, while non-verbal communication “visual signs and behavior” involves facial expression, eye contacts, body language, gestures, and other visual and vocal means of transmitting information. Visual signs and behavior is very important when delivering a message. According to Preston (2005) in the article, “Do you really say what you mean?” he notes that “…nonverbal messages can support or interfere with the verbal messages that we are delivering” (Preston, 2005, para. 2). Usually when we speak we generally focus on the words rather than body

LETTER OF ADVICE language. In some cases what we say verbally may not be in sync with the nonverbal language and this may cause conflict. So it is important to think about your facial expressions, tone of voice and body movement when communicating with one another as it also plays a part in how


the message you are conveying to one another is coming across. A good example to keep in mind think back when you first realized you were attracted to one another what verbal and non-verbal cues you can remember say or doing? What is the smile on his face, and wink of her eyes when you both said hello? At that very moment your verbal and non-verbal communication was in sync with one another. You thought about your facial expression, body movement and tone in your voice. I know you may think that communication is complex, and you’re right. Understand that communication is a process that must be worked daily to be effective. Think of it process as a series of actions or steps resulting in a smooth sailing experience in the end. Whenever there a process involved in getting something to work, for example building a boat, if one step is...

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