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Let1 Task 1 Essay

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Organization Behavior and Leadership - The Expectancy Theory of Motivation

The Expectancy Theory from Victor Vroom is a widely accepted theory of motivation that offers an explanation of how and why individuals may make a decision. Vroom’s theory states people have various goals and are able to be motivated should they believe the following:

* In there is a positive interconnection between their efforts and their performance,
* An exceptional performance results in a gratifying reward,
* The reward will meet a significant need,
* The ambition to satisfy the need is great enough for the effort to be worthwhile.

Vroom’s theory consists of the three beliefs below:

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For example:

A company producing high quality audio products introduced new production practices in an attempt to aid employees meet a goal of high production standards. Supervisor A's employee team is not thriving with the new production procedure. Some struggle to master the process, those that gained comprehension fell short to achieve company goals, and still top-producers aren’t excited about accomplishing the goals.

Subsequently talking with some of Supervisor A's team, Supervisor B ascertained the following concerns from the team:
Some do not feel they can be successful because they believe they lack the dexterity needed to implement the process.

Some feel that it is not worth the putting forth the extra effort to reach the goals because there is no difference in salary increase for those that meet the goals and those that do not.

They believe that performance has to be very slow before it affects the rate of pay.

They also say that when a bonus is given, after the withholdings are taken out, the bonus is so small that overtime actually is seen as a better way to earn more money than trying to earn a bonus.


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