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Lessons Learned From Vietnam Essay

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Lessons Learned
The Vietnam experience was a war that lasted for approximately twenty years. The American military and leadership appear to have learned some lessons from our involvement in the Vietnam War. Many issues transpired during the Vietnam War. There were many lessons to be learned from this war by many people starting with the president of the United States to the soldiers battling in the fields.
Diplomatic Negotiations
Diplomatic negotiations are defined as negotiations between nations. The lesson learned in regards to diplomatic negotiations for the United States is effective communication. The American leaders and the Vietnamese leaders both were unwilling to come ...view middle of the document...

These leaders, military and civilian were allowed to make decision that ultimately caused the United States to lose the war in Vietnam. The Rules of Engagement was just one of the many decisions made by these leaders that played a detrimental part in down slope towards the U.S. defeat by the Vietnamese. President Johnson elected not to run for a second term, because he knew that he had made too many mistakes and realized that the American public was no pleased with him. After President Nixon took office, he was slow to remove the troops from Vietnam, however eventually he was able to accomplish this goal for the American people.
Cultural and Social Context
The Vietnam War caused Americans to have a different concept on war. Americans were torn in their feelings about being involved in the Vietnam War. Many young American men fought and lost their lives for a war that was built in lies and deceit. The media played a major part in this war. Once, the American public gained knowledge of the true events that was taking place in Vietnam, they became upset. Americans wanted the war to end. However, the American government did not want look a certain way to the rest of the world; lesson learned was that determination and resilience can defeat technology. The American leaders underestimated the Vietnamese and the will of their nation. The Vietnamese culture...

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