Lessons From A Lady Who Couldn't Tell The Time At Age 20

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Lessons from a lady who couldn’t tell the time at age 20.
. “Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor of his own brain” 
― Santiago Ramón y Cajal

If you were to come across a 20year old who couldn’t read the face of a clock, to tell the time, you would probably advise such a person to “Ti ese ile bo” as the Yorubas would say. It is no longer news that we all have areas deficit in our brain this reflects in the way we function. A group of people regard Mathematics as impossible, others may find it difficult to grasp abstract concepts in physics or chemistry, some say, we can’t grasp things as fast as we want, for some it could be lack of concentration ...view middle of the document...

She constantly reversed the letter “p” as “q” and most apparently she couldn’t just figure out why the long hand of a clock must be on 6 when the time was half past 5. Barbara knew that 4 times 4 equals 16 but she couldn’t say why. Her situation got so serious that her primary school teacher told her mother - in her presence- that she had a mental block. These irregularities were occasioned by the malfunction of the part of her brain which helps her understand the relationship between symbols. With such assortment of learning disabilities, you can be sure that she was always depressed and unhappy. Wanting desperately to do better, she, with the help of a friend designed mental exercises aimed at tasking her weakest brain functions. One of such exercises was drawing clocks on flashcards with the correct time at the back and she would spend hours non-stop poring, with rapt attention, on the flash cards trying to figure out why it was always “quarter to” when the long...

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